Best software for making Compilations?

I would like to make some compilation videos from videos and scripts I have already obtained through this site. I would like to be able to grab the section of video desired and the corresponding section of script to go along with it. I would then stich these sections together (maybe time the transitions to music). What would be the best editing software to grab and stich both the video and script?

This would theoretically allow one to make cock hero style compilation videos that follow the on screen action rather than a beat meter. And you could make mashups of your favorite scenes. Just thought it would be a fun idea.

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Basically every video editing software should be able to do this. You just need to cut of / out some sections and put then put them together. I think every video editing software will give you this feature. There a ton of them outside. Free and cheap ones, like OpenShot and very expensive ones like Sony Vegas. Steam also offers a lot of different video editing software.

This has to done in two different programs. Video software for the video stuff, OpenFunscripter for the script part. In OFS you can put multiple scripts at once and then just cut the parts you need out of one script and then put it into the other script.

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Davinci Resolve is free but the free version can’t read H.265 files.

For this task JoyFunScripter should be a good tool. You can create clips with it for both video and funscript. After that you can use any video software you see easy enough to use to join clips into your compilation. For the funscript part you would have to copy and paste the clipped funscripts into one.

Remember that if you will use not your funscripts it’s a good habit to credit/ask the original creators about it.

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@Husky Husky, that’s what I want to be able to do - extract video and corresponding script fairly easily.

I have been playing around with the clips in JoyFunScripter

I have been able to export Video clips but it doesn’t export any Scripts. Any thoughts on what i am missing?

That’s weird. As far as I remember once you create a clip you should get also new clipped funscript file in the same folder where you can find clip.

Do you have script loaded correctly? You should see a heatmap at the bottom of JFS.

Yes the script is loaded correctly and the heatmap is clearly visible. The very first time I exported a clip , it did do both vid and script , but I didn’t set the correct start point so I deleted and tried again. Now it only exports the vid. I’ve tried with 4 different vid/scripts with the same results.

I tried to reproduce it and it still exported the clips correctly. I created 2 clips via Clips menu, then used File→Export Clips. It opened command window with ffmpeg for a second and created clips for both video and script. The clipped parts should be marked above heatmap with red lines:

This is a result:

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I am wondering if it is an ffmpeg issue on my end. Can I ask which version you are using?

I’m using this one: ffmpeg-20200213-6d37ca8-win64-static

That was it! Thank you!!!

Import before downloading - it’s around 200MB:

In case you are not familiar with Milovana, it is the CH place to be. This is a lengthy thread that was made over a long time and has a lot of info regarding authoring CH productions.
Hope to see your work soon!

(By the way, if you need to join Milovana I have invites.)

Just copy ffmpeg.exe from the “bin” folder into your JFS folder, the rest is optional.

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Hi Husky, I have enjoyed many great scripts from you and also learned other stuff from you but I am here reading this thread trying to figure out how to create a compilation of some of my favorite scripted videos I have downloaded from this site. I have about 10 shorter clips selected.
I have never scripted before and am a Mac guy but I purchased a decent windows laptop recently just for this and have been getting to know the basics of Joyfunscripter since I can’t use Joyfunscripter on a Mac.

I am an experienced video editor on my Mac so I know how to compile the video clips together but I am confused in JoyFunScripter.
I understand using the scripts menu to save clips of video with the matching scripts I have chosen for my compilation but I don’t know how to properly proceed after that to make one single funscript from my saved clips?

Can you possibly explain a bit more in detail how I can do that?


  1. You would have to make compilation first.
  2. Open two separate windows of JFS next to each other - one with your compilation and one with the script for one of the clips.
  3. Go to the same frame of the video for both windows and copy whole script frome the clip by using Ctrl+A → Ctrl+C.
  4. Paste that script into the compilation by using Ctrl+V. If you matched the frames in both windows the script should be in sync.
  5. Repeat the process for every clip in the compilation.
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Thanks, Husky!
Understood! That makes sense for me on how to proceed now.
Thank You for the step-by-step and for clearing up my confusion.