Advice on creating compilation videos and scripts?

Thanks @sentinel . I will go ahead and give OFS a try.
If possible could you please advise me on the best or most efficient way in OFS I should go about assembling a compilation video & script using portions of my favorite videos/scripts I’ve collected here on eroscripts?
I am new to scripting and for me to understand how to do this compilation project in JFS I posted here asking how and @Husky responded with this very helpful and fairly simple breakdown of steps which made it very simple for me to understand:

It’s just a shame that the frames per second timing issue caused too many headaches for me to be accurate and efficient using JoyFunScripter.

If you or anyone here could let me know the equivalent step-by-step process for doing this in Openfunscripter I sure would appreciate that!
Thank you

@VRkid71 Please create a question in the Help category to discuss your question further since it is off topic for this thread, which is about JFS. In general you do something like this:

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