Best software setup?

Okay so today was a both amazing and terrible, first the terrible, went for my morning sesh with my rift and my launch won’t connect to scriptplayer, just flashes blue (is this the Bluetooth dying thing ive heard of?), very unfortunate I’m hoping it’s not broke but guessing it is…

So I’m poking around with a fleeting hope that it’s scriptplayer or something… which wouldn’t make sense to me given it hasn’t been updated or anything, and I pull up the SLR app and see if I can get it to connect to that, it didn’t auto connect, I’ve never used this app but while I’m in there I just play some trailers for fun, woah what is this madness! These trailers are so much more vivid and 3D and the models are looking directly at me the entire time and look very tiny (more true to their actual size). So I’m amazed at this, is it just some new video quality? So I go load one of my local videos, nope they look 10x better as well. What the heck have I been doing!!!

So I’ve been watching videos with a version of scriptplayer and whirligig that is years old and I watch videos in barrel view, the picture looks comparative flat to the SLR player experience, and the models are always kind of looking off to the left of you.

Am I just using whirligig wrong? Is my version just old and bad? Or is whirligig just old and bad?

Help me VR Sexperts!

Which video player and/or script player should I be using?
Is my launch dead? I already bought that discounted handy bundle that should arrive in nov so not end of the world but if it’s dead I’ll be without a device for a bit :cry:



I can’t really help with the Launch problem, since I don’t have one.

For the software stuff:
I recommend the SLR app or Deo VR as a video player. Both are actually the same. I tried a few players before and I think this is the best. Haven’t tried the Whirligig player, can’t say much about it.

When you get your Handy, the SLR app / Deo VR will let you connect to your Handy directly and you don’t need any additional software to run VR videos with a script.

Hope it helped you a bit.

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When I have that issue with the bluetooth connection I turn off Bluetooth in Windows, and reset my Launch. Then I turn Bluetooth back on in Windows and it usually connects after.

I use Whirligig still, you just need to configure it to display properly. I would use the SLR App as I am a subscriber but it doesn’t have the options I want.

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Moving the topic over to #help thanks!

Depending on what version of ScriptPlayer you are using, a newer build might fix that issue.
A while back I added a “spam filter” to the BT connection logic. Android and iOS have implemented a BLE based Api for Covid Contact Tracing - so if you (or someone near you) recently installed one of the tracing apps, that could be the cause (it constantly broadcasts BLE advertisements so ScriptPlayer can’t find the Launch).

Try either the latest pre-relase

or beta version

If you want to try an alternative to Whirligig, these versions also support DeoVR


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