Best tool to create scripts for Lovense Edge 2?


I recently got a Lovense Edge 2. It works great. But the PC apps are garbage as it WANTS me to buy their USB dongle, while my PC has perfectly functionnal built-in Bluetooth, that works perfectly well with my Edge 2 as Intiface can easily communicate with it.

I found MultiFunPlayer to play scripts and sync them with DeoVR. If there is better tools for this too, I’m also highly interested.

MFP can play scripts, but can’t create. So my question : what are my options to create scripts synced with a VR video ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

If your toy can play funscripts then OpenFunScripter and JoyFunScripter are the best tools for script creation. Both avaliable for free in the #software section of the forum.

Hi, I recently just tried funscript generator to auto generate for a lovense lush… it worked amazing and got the job done quite accurately depending on how long your video is and how many times the scene changes it may take a while to generate the whole script but I found what it did come up with for a 7 min portion that I did was right on the money! Lastly, you do need the dongle… my lush connected to my pc with initface but did nothing without the dongle plugged into my pc… so plug in the dongle first and make sure the red light is on…then turn on your lovense to connect it. Lovense has some kind of lock on the device it seems… even though my lush connected to the intiface web and vibrated.
Edit: Open fun scripter also has a LUA script that can be built right into it…installing it with the installer didn’t work for me so I’m going to try the manual method and see if that works

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