Tool for automatically generate funscript from sound

There is a link here to this software that originated on RTS. It is being used by members of Milovana to quickly script Cock Heroes, especially when the CH author provides the beat track!

Post subject: [Tool for automatically generate funscript from sound]

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Seems to work pretty well, but no clue how to make the funscript fullspeed as funexpander seems to detect no start point in the funscript.

Open the script in JoyFunScripter or ScriptPlayer and save as a new script. Or upload it here and i will see if i can do something in FunExpander.

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Here’s the script i generated, believe i did it right not sure, just left everything on default settings

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FunExpander updated:

Here are some things that I noticed while using this application (obviously the original creator left so nothing can be fixed):

  • This tool works best with techno songs and straight up beat files with explicitly defined beats. It’s not going to accurate at stepping that random country song or Beethoven
  • The tool only seems to do 0-100 strokes, rendering it useless when want pattern variety when stepping music.
  • Minimum command delay is 100ms, which is a max of 4 strokes a second. Peak to beat ratio is best at 0.03, allowing the tool to step most notes in the song. Some parts are not as intense as they should be but that can be fixed when testing. It’s not going to keep up with Count Down 321 but for most western songs which are at a much slower BPM, it works well
Example of what you are going to get from this:

All files were made with the Autogen tool with a minimum command delay of 100ms and a peak to beat ratio of 0.03

Song: RD-Sounds - Cruel _
Works well but has a severe case of pattern repetition and 0-100 strokes.
[RD-Sounds] Cruel _.funscript (19.0 KB)

Song: Exilelord - Soulless 4
Can’t keep up with this song, too fast for it
(01) [ExileLord] Soulless 4.funscript (77.5 KB)

Song: Helbinde - Grief & Malice
Seems to be stepped to 4th beats, file looks on sync, but has a severe case of lack of pattern variety.
(12) [Helblinde] Grief & Malice.funscript (64.9 KB)

yes I did pick 3 random songs, if you don’t know any of these artists I am not surprised. I picked these songs in favor of the tool. If I really wanted to break it I would make it try to step slow dancing in the dark or this with all the distortion.

Good cock-hero tool, okay PMV tool.


He didn’t leave necessarily. I could tag him right now. @t6g7aiegf

And the software he made is somewhat hidden.

Definitely worth checking out. It creates scripts that sync the movement of the device to sound level peaks in music videos. The scripts worked fine with my Handy, using the interface at Very easy to use, just download the package and follow the instructions in the readme file. You can really feel the music. :yum:

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Just got my first beta working on a web-based audio frequency trigger.

@qdot helped me get it running.
I’d like to get it setup to auto-script someday but that’s a few steps out. Please comment here.


First post updated to include the Milovana link that includes a tutorial by Londongent, and discussion of several other ways to script. Interesting to read from another group about our favorite topics.