Best way to create a fast gif of a portion of a video?

I wanted to figure out if there is a faster way to do this. Like most posts on here, there are gifs usually in the body of the script post that is more attractive than just a screenshot of a frame of the video.

Just a portion of a video as a gif OR some way to have like a program kinda make a small montage of the video from start to finish and export as a gif.

I know can I do all of this manually, like make a video in some editing program, and then export/convert to gif, but is there a faster way?

What I use:

  1. ScriptPlayer has a built-in GIF creator
  2. Record to GIF with ScreenToGIF
  3. Record to GIF with ShareX

Thanks, scriptplayer looks good for this. Whats your preferred width/height? And what site do you use to host the gif in the event its over 8mb (the upload limit for eroscript)?

Anything so long as it’s below 8mb. 250 width, 24fps, if you like.
However 200*140 ensures the gif stay animated when used as thumbnail, anything larger will result in a static one.

I just make sure it’s less than 8MB so it can be uploaded. Try to scale them down in ScreenToGif or use this web tool to shrink / optimize your gif

Sick, thanks.

Random test:


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Also wanna point out that WEBM is also supported and is in many cases more efficient than GIF. This VP9 encoded video is only 532kb vs the GIF which is 4.36mb.

Which is why I would like to see WEBP being supported as well.


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