Best way to play funscripts quest 2 standalone & files on NAS?

Hello! So my HP reverb g1 just died and I’m looking for a more convenient way to play 5-8k vr videos without needing to use my gaming pc (not very discrete) along with a funscript for my handy. I was thinking about getting a Quest 2 but am seeing a bunch of conflicting data about how easy it is to use a file on my NAS + funscript on the Quest 2 standalone.

  • Did the recent SLR/DeoVR update remove the ability for DeoVR to play funscripts on Quest 2 standalone?

  • I see HereSphere supports funscripts now. Has anyone tried this with quest 2 standalone? how is it? It’s $30 for reference.

  • Any idea what I should expect in terms of image quality going from reverb g1 to quest 2?

  • Any way to get bluetooth connection to the handy for lag-free funscript playback without a gaming pc?

So my final solution was pigasus and heresphere free. Pigasus works 80% of the time but sometimes randomly crashes or won’t load scripts properly. I had to remove all spaces and special characters from the mp4 and .funscript filenames as well which was a pain. But it mostly works. When it doesn’t I switch to heresphere.

One thing I would love to use with heresphere is XBVR, however I cannot figure out how to get XBVR working on my QNAP nas so until I get that working I couldn’t justify paying $30 for heresphere.

I’ve seen stuff about DEO but it seems to always be temporary. I haven’t used it in a while but SLR still works well.

HereSphere is fantasic. You can use it without paying for the price of putting up with a ui-blocking nag every now and then. I think it’s worth the $30 as well.

For a bluetooth connection you only need a little $7 bluetooth usb dongle. I haven’t done any video playback with it though.

As for NAS. If you can point XBVR to the files, you can use it to serve content to your quest with HereSphere. I don’t have a NAS but its been a great setup so far.

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Thanks for the quick reply! For the bluetooth dongle are you saying you plug that into the Quest2? Does heresphere connect to the handy via bluetooth dongle? I’m looking for a solution that doesn’t need a PC at all.

The Bluetooth solution requires a PC and intiface and is somewhat disappointing compared to WiFi.

Heresphere can be setup with an SMB share so it should work with your NAS depending on type.
There’s a guide on here in the “how to” section, I can’t post a link but just do a search for
“How to use scripts in VR - picture guide”
It’s for setting up an SMB share in Windows but I’m sure you can figure it out for your NAS.

Ah yes that’s what I figured. I have a PC and have actually been pretty impressed with bluetooth because there’s no lag. But I think WIFI will be good enough for me. Heresphere looks like a great option to simplify my VR porn life.

Hello, I use the slr app in connection with a nas connected via dlna. The scripts are created on the Quest2 and the films are all on the NAS, but I use Kiroo-Keon- as a toy.

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The Bluetooth works but it’s nowhere as fast as WiFi so it often lags or feels jerky to me. I’ve been hoping for a way to do direct connect through WiFi but it seems the Sweet Tech folks want to insist we use their server if we want to use WiFi.

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I think there is a setting in the haptic app to compensate for the delay.

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That’s a great option - thanks for letting me know it works.

Yes I need to do some research on the best way to set that. With wifi i’ve never been able to get things to work just right.

Here’s my setup after having had SLR Premium but could not afford sub at the moment.

  • Quest 2 with HereSphere & Virtual desktop installed
  • Kiiro Keon
  • Desktop PC with bluetooth and 2nd user account W10 with video folder as SMB share but restricted access to one user account which login from HereSphere on Quest 2.
  • Desktop PC has Scriptplayer & Initiface installed.
    I have to start PC login. Switch Keon on. Start Initiface & connect to Keon. Start Scriptplayer & connect to Initiface.Set video player to DeoVR as that is same Herespere player, Then add script from video folder. Then launch Herespere on quest connect to smb share and launch the video. Should have mentioned with Virtual desktop on quest I remote to PC to setup Scriptplayer & initface rather than physically being by the desktop PC.

It doesn’t take that long but it is fiddly to setup. The SLR app was easy but not allowed to playback videos & scripts which I have downloaded. You can play back via SLR website if have premium and that is easy to use which I will resubscribe to at some point. Not sure how useful it is to you but Quest 2 I’ve to be very good.

Should have mentioned with Virtual desktop on quest I remote to PC to setup Scriptplayer & initface rather than physically being by the desktop PC.

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Thanks this is helpful. With my now broken reverb g1 and gaming PC I used script player, deovr, and intiface just as you described. It was a lot of steps and is one of the main reasons I want to switch to the quest 2 and avoid the pc altogether.

I will try to use just wifi connection for the handy but if that is not good enough I’ll try out your setup.

I think Zuck needs to just admit how many people use quest for porn and go all in making porn accessories that aren’t so difficult to use!

This is my setup, it is so good. I already have around 270 videos with scripts

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Pigasus is super easy to set up. $6.99 in the Meta store. You can connect to a Samba or DLNA share. The script must have the exact same name as the video (apart from the extension of course)

Using Quest 2 with the SLR App and Haptics Connect installed to control toy as detailed on SLR website is by far, I found, the simplest to use without any need for PC. Only issue is cost of subscription to SLR, although it has really good quality scripts plus simple to use, but you will not, obviously, have any videos downloaded and stored locally on a PC or NAS drive.