Best way to play videos on PC to quest 2

So I’m trying to determine the best way to go about storing/playing my local files and funscripts to the handy. I can use VR desktop but I felt like it was a little choppy at times so looking for an alternative. I see DLNA support in deoVR so I could try setting that up through Plex, anyone use this and find it good? Do I need to transfer the scripts to the quest 2 itself or can they just live on my PC with the videos? I don’t want to deal with transferring files via a cable to the quest 2, but if someone knows of an option to get files from my PC to the quest 2 wirelessly I could transfer the videos and scripts locally as I want them.

Anyone know the best way to go about this? Number 1 priority is smooth playback and number 2 is keeping everything on my PC if possible.

I bought the Skybox app on Quest and installed Skybox on pc it supports wireless streaming from pc to quest. Real easy to setup just make sure you’re on the same network. And the streaming works perfectly just like i would put the file on my quest. And if you wanna go loko and do a harder setup you can go the plex route with DLNA (skybox also support DLNA)

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