BETA offer - TRADE OSR2 kits for scripts

As many of you know, I’ve been very thankful to the wonderful community of scripters that makes this entire hobby possible. I’ve been passionate about helping out in any way I can with video hosting and cleanup. I unfortunately don’t have the time to script myself, but am continually thinking of ways to help that is less time and talent intensive as script authoring.

A few months ago, I jumped into 3d printing and have gotten to a place of decent success. I am not an expert by any means, but I’ve been thinking of an offer that can help the community, myself, and reward scripters at the same time.


  • Any scripter on Eroscripts with at least 3 posted quality scripts (no glaring unfixed errors or user feedback).
  • Scripter’s scripts can be for paid, free, or streaming videos, and scripts can be hosted here or linked to a paid site (SLR or RealSync)


  • Scripter to choose 1 video from a MEGA folder of proposed clips and complete a quality script
  • Proposed clips will be from a variety of actresses and genres to align requests with scripters’ tastes as much as possible
  • I will try to keep the scriptable action to between 15-25 min per clip
  • If a clip cannot be found that matches scripter’s tastes, then we will work together to find one
  • There is no time requirement or due-date for scripters that decide to participate
  • Upon completion of script, I will ship OSR2 parts kit to the scripter via USPS Priority mail
  • Shipping will be free within the US, International shipping will need to be covered by the scripter
  • Script to be posted to Eroscript directly (not linked to a pay script site)

What is included in the “parts kit”:

  • All 3D printed parts required to build an OSR2 (printed in PLA+ in either white or black based on what is in stock - scripter will not be able to choose)
  • Pre-programmed ESP32 board (WiFi setup will be required by end user)
  • Screws, grommets, washers needed to assembly the OSR2
  • Power button and jack will be provided, installed, and wired
  • Fleshlight compatible mounting ring
  • Basic documentation on completion of kit

What is NOT included in the “parts kit”:

  • Servos - these vary widely in price ($30-$200) and quality. They also can break - this is not something I want to take responsibility of providing. Most users utilize cheap ones from Amazon without issue. You’ll need 2.
  • Assembly
  • Power supply (available on Amazon for $15-30)
  • Servo Wiring
  • Mount - OSR2 is VESA compatible, so mounting options are plentiful
  • Setup assistance - I’ll help where I can, but do not want to become full time tech support. Supporting Tempest on Patreon will get you access to a very helpful Discord community

I also want to stress that I am not positioning myself or this offer as a professional-quality one at all. This is a DIY kit, I have no plans of becoming a storefront or selling any parts or services. This is truly an effort for me to get some awesome OSR2 kits into the hands of awesome scripters.

What do you all think? If there is interest, I’d like to open this up via a soft-launch to only 3 scripters. Based on that, I will make bulk orders for parts/hardware and get to printing. I’d estimate I’d be able to start shipping out kits within 3 weeks of soft-launch. After that point, I’m estimating I can open in batches of 5.

If this sounds dumb and ridiculous, let me know as well - I can take constructive criticism well (might cry a bit, but I’ll live).

Also, if there are any scripters that have jumped from a Handy, Launch, etc. to an OSR2 and have feedback to give - please do so. It’s hard to quantify how much better the OSR2 is than those devices, so impressions + testimonials may help.

Edit - 2/12 - expanded program to include tiers to allow scripters to work up to a full kit.

1 script - OSR parts kit (as described in original post)
2 script - OSR+ parts kit
3 script - Fully assembled OSR+ unit MINUS servos (I can install servos, but scripter pays for them when I’m ready to ship and provide full pictures of unit)
4 script - fully assembled OSR+ unit with servos included (75$ value servos with no warranty)


nice im interested. drop me a mega folder and ill take a look. my only preference is vr if possible.

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Awesome - will PM you.

i applaud :clap: this initiative.

Just one small tip add in your text how many servos are needed (it makes it easier those interested to make an estimate in how much they need to spend, i know they could look it up but if they are like me they are too lazy).

and i have not jumped from a handy to an osr yet but know that tech wise its stroke speed is at least 4 times faster then handy/keon its reaction time is almost instant so faster than the handy (which is twice as fats as the keon/launch) oh and it has the longest stroke length basically it can handle eveything you throw at it script wise.
its downside is that it is not the smallest contraption and depending on the servos not the quietest, and i have no idea if there is a good mount when you want to use it lying on a bed.

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Good call! Updated the initial post.

Got 2 slots spoken for - anyone want to take the 3rd?

I am interested! Do drop me a PM with the MEGA link and I’ll have a look-see~

I can only applaud this. :clap:
Great offer & certainly an asset to our community. :love_you_gesture:

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Can I check out that mega folder?

PM’ing both of you.

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We in business! Printing is going very well. I’m opening up 3 more slots for anyone else interested in this initial offering. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest. Anyone else - please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. @EvelynEvil666 (confirmed)
  2. @comrade420 (confirmed)
  3. @quepasawei (confirmed)
  4. @Nosse (confirmed)
  5. @softserve (confirmed)
  6. MAYBE YOU?!?!

I AM SUPER EXCITED! We’ll get to work on other scripts.

I’m in to :desktop_computer:
This is gonna be fun in more then one way i’m sure :smiley:

Moving right along - looks like I’ll be able to start shipping kits next week. Thank you to all who participated. This has been awesome!

Also - I do have 1 slot left for this round. Please reach out if you are interested.

@EvelynEvil666 - script delivered!

@comrade420 - script delivered!

@quepasawei - in progress

@Nosse - script delivered!

@softserve - in progress

  • This is NO WAY meant to hurry any scripters up. There is no due date on delivery of scripts. This is more keeping me accountable for delivering my side of the deal.

awesome!!! looking forward to it.

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YES!!! I concur @comrade420

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Status update - middle of assembly phase. Taking extra time/care for participants - like tapping each hole properly (there’s a lotta holes) rather than relying on the user to force thread the screws into there. Also found a cool terminal block to integrate into the assembly. Will post that up once I get them printed.


!!? wow you’re really hooking us up haha.

Do you have any recommendations as far as servos and vesa mount options go? I just started looking into it.

First of all, great idea @g90ak. It’s a win-win-win for you, the scripters, and the community.

I might be a little bit late to give my testimony as a scripter that made the switch from a Launch to an OSR2 a few months ago, but here it is:

First of all, the mount is really a curse at the start but a huge blessing in the long run. It took me some time to find a good setup, but once I did, it was really great not having to hold any device in my hand. It helps a lot for immersion. I also have a relatively static setup, so it’s always positioned the same way.

As for the scripting, once I had everything set up correctly, it made a big difference when I was testing my script because there were fewer variables.

For example, with a USB connection, there is no delay to take into account. With the Launch, the delay seemed to be almost variable, so it was really hard to know if an adjustment in my script was better or worse than before. The difference could have been the delay or the way I positioned the Launch. It’s hard to get better when you have unreliable feedback.

Another great thing about the OSR2 compared to the Launch is the motion interpolation (i.e. Linear, Raw, Cubic, Cosine). For me, it makes everything feel more natural, especially the slower parts of the script.

The last thing is that you might have to re-rate some of your scripts. I used to have a rating from 1 to 5 (1 = not interested, 5 = great). Once I got the OSR2, I found out that this thing had another gear and I could feel subtle movement in some of the scripts that I couldn’t with the Launch. I now have an unconventional 1 to 6 rating. :grinning:


Thank you SO much for the thoughts around the OSR2. It’s especially interesting reading how you were able to notice more detail which in turned improved the quality of your scripting. We NEED to get these in the hands of every scripter :slight_smile:

Build updates for 2/7
I really like using wire ferrules rather than putting raw wire into any sort of terminal. Much cleaner and reliable in the long run.

Here’s one unit that I’m totally completing for a scripter that is doing more than 1 script in exchange for a complete build. Keeping things tidy as possible - it gets crammed quick in here!