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Better Script Post Template

I honestly think that the current template is quite inadequate for giving video information, lets take a small look on why. So here is the current template as an example

Current Template

:framed_picture: Preview images, GIFs, or script heatmap
[content goes here]

:file_folder: Script attachments
[content goes here]

:movie_camera: Video links
[content goes here]

:clock1: Video length
[content goes here]

:memo: Other notes
For example, actors/actresses, studio, what toys this was created for or tested with. What’s awesome about this video or script?
*[content goes here]*strong text

This template works fine, but it only gives the bare essentials like the funscript, video, length, etc. Too little is shown on the video details which causes other useful information to be forgotten and left behind in the other details area. You don’t get to know the studio, actor (if they didn’t put it on the title), what it was tested with, script speed (if they didn’t put up a heat map) and much more. So I propose a new template:

Proposed Template

:framed_picture: Preview images, GIFs, or script heatmap
[content goes here]

:information_source: Video Information
Original Name: [name in original language goes here]
Series: [series if any]
Studio/Circle: [studio goes here]
Actors: [any IRL actors involved goes here]
Date Released:

Art Format: Drawn (Eastern), Drawn (Western), Computer Generated Imagery, Real Life
Video Format: Episode(s), Movie, Scene, Cock Hero/Fap Hero, Pornographic Music Video
Censorship: Yes/No (measures used if yes)
Resolution: [resolution goes here] (use horizontal x vertical)
Video Price: [price in the currency the video was sold in goes here, else remove]

:page_facing_up: Video Synopsis
[content goes here]

:clock1: Video Length (Action Time) - Average Speed (Max)
EP 1: 0:00:00 (0:00:00) - 0sps (0sps)
(use HandyControl to figure out the speed of your script. Remove the speed section if you are not going to measure it. The same can be done with action time)

:file_folder: Script attachments
[content goes here]

:movie_camera: Video links
Stream Link (site): [content goes here]
Paid Download (site): [content goes here]
Direct Download (site): [content goes here]
(list the original source or any mirror links. remember no torrents)

:green_circle: Tested With
[toys tested with goes here]

:label: Tags
[tags goes here. list acts, positions, fetishes, bold contentious content (loli, watersports, abdl, etc)]

:memo: Other notes
For example, what’s awesome about this video or script?

It might be much, but a bit much is better than having not enough. Others can remove what is not needed for them except for the required area (ideally the areas that are required are the preview, script attachments, and video links)

Example of it being used

:framed_picture: Preview images, GIFs, or script heatmap

:information_source: Video Information
Original Name: Terminator: Dark Fate
Series: Terminator
Studio/Circle: Paramount Pictures
Actors: Tim Miller, Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc
Date Released: 2019.11.01

Art Format: Real Life
Video Format: Movie
Censorship: SAFE FOR WORK
Resolution: 1920x1080
Video Price: $20 USD

:page_facing_up: Video Synopsis
Terminator: Dark Fate is a 2019 American science fiction action film directed by Tim Miller, from a screenplay by David Goyer, Justin Rhodes, and Billy Ray, from a story by James Cameron, Charles H. Eglee, Josh Friedman, Goyer, and Rhodes.

:clock1: Video Length (Action Time) - Average Speed (Max)
EP 1: 0:00:00 (0:00:00) - 0sps (0sps)
(use HandyControl to figure out the speed of your script. Remove the speed section if you are not going to measure it. The same can be done with action time)

:file_folder: Script attachments
[content goes here]

:movie_camera: Video links
Paid Download (netflix): no

:green_circle: Tested With

  • Handy - Works fine
  • OSR2 - Works fine
  • Launch - Too slow.

:label: Tags
action, feature length, tencent, i don’t even know, gore

:memo: Other notes


Thanks for the suggestions.
I’ll give some time for scripters to chime in on what they think before I make any changes.

Personally, I’m lazy.

I take out bits of the current template because I can’t be bothered to faff with generating thumbs, heat maps, screen-captures etc.

I know, it probably makes me a bad person. I make scripts, I do it for myself, and because I think some people might also enjoy them, I post them here for free too, when I get the time and inclination.
To me, I just want the scripts out there so others can enjoy them, but I want to do that with a minimum of effort. If people already know the type of content they’re after, they can click through to the video link to see if it’s their kinda thing. I realise that saves me time, and takes the time of other people, so sorry about that, but with free scripts we’re providing something for nothing here.

That said,
if I was posting scripts for money, I would probably want to provide as much detail and info about the scripts as possible - the screenshots, thumbs and other bits are a sales tool - at a base level, the brain goes “Ooh, sexy picture, me want!”.

If I was going to pay for a script, I might want to know if it had been tested with my hardware, and a heatmap is helpful (though not that helpful, because due to the various color schemes and generation methods out there, you can’t compare them like-for-like anyway), but the rest I can work out for myself.

Adding original name, series, studio, actors, synopsis and release date is all just verbiage to me. I can see some people caring about cencorship, and maybe the video price too, but tags? didn’t we already attach those?

So for me the current template is very adequate, the proposed one would lead to me spending more time cutting bits of it out, and would be pretty daunting for a first-time poster I think.

It’s a matter of opinion - that’s just my 2 cents’.


Yeah, agreed. No need to make it more of a hassle for people who want to share scripts for free.

Seems a bit excessive to me.

When it comes to VR I guess people first check if they have the video or not and studio/actress/video name in the title is what they need. A link to the video on the studio website is also there in the current template already where all details about the video can be found. Other information is more relevant for if you are going to buy a video or not. A script requires that you have the video already and I assume people don’t start a subscription only because they find a script here.

As already said, if it is a paid script then I understand that you might want more information about tested device etc. A long list of video properties like release date etc. wouldn’t help me to decide on the script at least. Either I have the video or not. If I don’t have it, do I have an active subscription for the studio or not.

For free scripts to free videos I can see the value of a little bit more information about what the video is about, but an embedded picture for the video usually tells a lot.

I think that the current template is good enough. However, the Tested With could be of value in the template. I add that info to other notes today. Personally I add the video synopsis too, but only if it isn’t extracted automatically from the video link. I don’t know if anyone really reads it though because of the above. I guess people download most free scripts in a particular category for future use if they don’t have the video. I download all VR scripts at least. Maybe you get access to the video at a later point and scripts are really small to store.

If people want to do this for their posts then by all means but I personally have no interest in looking this up (studio, production/release date, etc.). Re: heatmap - it’s nice (and I’ll include it on any posts going forward) - but I’m still on the side of “if people want to include this great - if not, no biggie”. I do think it’s helpful to list the actress when possible.


I am a user mostly not a scripter much. I would not go through all these steps to post one of my creations.
When I browse I do like the screens and the heatmap.
Knowing who scripted it and a functional link to the video is the most valued part!
If you tell me all kinds of details I often find they do not really have any bearing on my experience until I try it anyway!
A few tags, screens, heatmap, and valid links are all I need.
The ability of the scripter is what really matters anyway. And I have my favorites!

I just updated the new script template, let me know if you have any comments.

It’s mostly the same, cleaned up a little bit, reordered, and hopefully easier to use. I included a few more suggestions on types of content to include.

imo it was less confusing and more clean the old way

Sorry for the necro (despite me being the OP) but I just realized that the title format was missing from the template. Since everyone seems to be using this format as well:

Title Format

Format - Studio/Producer [Catalog ID] - Performer - TItle

  • This title format is commonly used and is recommended.
    Include the video name in the title at least if you are not using the above format.

CGI - Ion Storm - John Romero - Daikatana
IRL - Formula 1 - 2020 Italian Grand Prix
Drawn - surviveMORE - PUBG Epic WIN The Motion Anime
Audio - DiGiTAL WiNG [DWCD-0003] - Eternal Fantasia

The template should give a note that this title format is commonly used and should recommend it to be used, but also stating that simply having the title of the media is fine.

It’s been a while since the old new script template was updated. Does anyone have any feedback on this now that you’ve had some time to work with it?

Fine for new users, but I would prefer a bare-bones template with just the titles

BTW. ;]
Can we please take a minute of pure appreciation for your valor to test out… Terminator: Dark Fate, so nobody else has to?