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Our scripts library is greatly expanding as more creators are joining us and more content is coming.

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SLR is losing multiple production companies soon (Dec 3rd). Nearly $1000 for the limited 3 scripts a month download is totally not worth it. No rollover is the poop-cherry on top of this deal. It already wasn’t worth it without rollover. This seems like a cash grab. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a happy customer, but there’s no way I’m buying this. Diminishing value as more companies pull out, and being punished for inactivity is caustic. They probably just don’t want to pay a developer to code a tracker for the rollover, but in any case it seems over-priced for a feature that can lose value as other companies pull out of SLR.

I hope they switch up their strategy. SLR is the best in the market IMO. But this ‘deal’ sucks.


My annual subscription to SLR as just recently lapsed and, despite really enjoying the site and the content I do not plan to renew my subscription. This is for a few reasons. First, when I got the subscription initially it was not clear to me that the scripts we not included. At the time the script selection was really really limited on the site so the fee was more then I would have been willing to pay ad I not already paid for the annual sub. In fact their script selection has really only expanded quickly quite recently. So it feels like I was punished for subscribing to early in the sites development when it seems to me the opposite should be true. Then after a month my Handy broke and I made the switch to OSR. It was only after I had missed several month did I realize that there is no rollover as @Keebler mentioned above. Overall SLR is really great, but So much of the my subscription time I was not able to use. It felt like I had little value to the and that is a shitty feeling as a consumer.

All of their sub deals suck imo.

who other than VR Bangers/VR Conk is pulling out? without them SLR is still by far the best option. But yeah $900 is far out of my price range, I’d need to know SLR remains the best for 10 years

❌ VRBangers, VRConk, Dezyred, VRBGay, VRBTrans are OUT - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos No other departure is expected any time soon. Otherwise it’s really rare occasion studios are leaving. I can’t think of anyone else but VRBangers going on and off a few times. They purchased VRConk like a year ago

the lifetime includes all future videos and scripts? right?

That’s right

Not understanding the negativity toward SLR. I’m a lifetime member with scripts and would pay for it again today in a heartbeat.

They by far have the best variety and innovation out of any other service out there.

They are active in the community, listen and continue to try and develop with new tech.

VR porn is just getting started and still hasn’t hit its peak yet. We need companies like SLR to succeed to push it forward.

I’m a happy lifetime member and have no reservation recommending SLR.


No negativity towards them as a company at all… I even said they are the best in the business, so I’m not sure where you are coming from really.
But this deal is overpriced, and not only because it includes the limits on script downloads. You are right, they are the best in the business. But the script subscriptions are so limited with no guarantee that production companies stay with them. They produce their own excellent content, but seeing as companies can pull out at any time, their library could any day be limited to only what they’ve produced. It’s like Netflix losing Disney, Paramount, etc. That makes Netflix less valuable as time goes on. If I’m spending close to $1000 I shouldn’t be limited to 3 scripts a month. That’s just my opinion though, and that’s what I said in my comment.

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as I’m a happy lifetime paid member I wanted to give a different perspective to others who are considering a lifetime membership.

It’s more than worth it to me even with the download limits. If you want to compare Netflix, paramount or any of the mainstream streaming services. They don’t even allow you to download anything permanently. I don’t want this to turn into a debate, just wanted to say to anyone considering that they should without reservation.

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That’s cool, and I respect where you are coming from. I completely disagree. I’m a lifetime member for the content, $300 was worth it (at the time that was the price). I buy scripts individually and in 10 years would not buy $900 worth of scripts. That’s me though. I did the math for me, personally.

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The value of your Lifetime dollar is growing every single day as we keep adding new videos, scripts, app features and a lot of cool stuff.

It your best investment in VR, because others only get lower in value.

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I think that you misunderstood Keebler a bit. Everyone is an individual and if you bought lifetime sub last year to watch mostly VRBangers vids the value decreased by quite a lot now. $900 is a lot of money and when a studio drops from SLR, you need to pay extra to download the scripts that were a part of subscription a few weeks earlier. You can’t just say: “Here, have a 1000 others videos you don’t like instead”…


I’m trying to explain this is very wrong logic.

I’m not happy to see anyone leaving, yet this is something that could happen, but it’s very bare. Not every year there’s a studio leaving.

SLR is the best value on the market and it’s growing disproportionally to anything else.

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Absolutely agree. Also this year has been a pretty bad show for the whole site too.

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It’s not very wrong logic for me, my friend. I totally get where you are coming from, and you are the “Company”, so it’s your job to persuade people to commit to the deal you offer. But it’s not worth it for me personally. Like I said, I already bought the lifetime membership for the content. Just not the scripts. I would totally consider it if you allowed the 3 downloads every month to roll over if they went unused. But as it is now, I’m basically being punished if I’m inactive for a month. I have spent about $120 on scripts over the last 2.5 years. That’s about $50 a year. I’d need to use your service for 18 years to get my $900 worth. (And I get to download all the scripts I buy directly. With your plan I can only download 36 scripts a year and that’s only if I’m active every month). It’s just not worth it for me, personally. I’m not insulting you, your service, or your content. SLR is awesome. But I just can’t justify spending nearly $1000 with the current rules and limits that are on that script membership. It doesn’t make financial sense for me. It’s not very wrong logic at all.

I wish you the best though, and I hope those that find the deal worth it bought it from you! I hope SLR remains successful.

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…i like having the script subscription, it’s perfect for me as i stream everything i watch off SLR, no downloading required. i used to download everything, but i honestly find it a bit tedious to carefully prep every night’s session, every single time, and VR files are BIG. i like to have the freedom to select the video(s) as the mood takes me. Plenty of times i’ve downloaded the perfect video, only to find there was something i personally didn’t like, which was impossible to realize in advance.

The bitrate at mine isn’t perfect, i’m usually watching in 2880p or 2180p, but i find it a more than acceptable, it’s still VR, the script is perfect, as is the sound, and i’m more than happy with the end product. All comes down to one’s DL / WiFi speed in the end, i guess…

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