Anyone to script haptic suits and others?

We are going to start supporting haptic suits like OWO an bHaptics in videos. I think haptics are very essential to videos giving you a sense for visuals. I tried multiple suits already and these are fantastic. It’s incredible to feel a sense of touch or even if it’s raining.

Also there will be many other haptics coming.

Curious what’s the best way to proceed with scripts there. Most of these have proprietary editors for scripts.

We might be making our own haptics wristband as simple and easy way to give a sense what’s happening in the video.


im a big fan of haptic feedback (like the triggers of the PS5 controllers and i cant wait to feel what they did with the PSVR 2 headset that will also have it). If these suits will ever get into a price range that they can become popular i will not only buy one but learn how to script for them.

OWO is awesome and it’s like $500. Totally mass market product

…didn’t know that OWO was an electrical stimulation suit, that’s extremely interesting. Apparently it can inflict actual pain, so that’s all the VRBDSM peeps happy!

Curious how it translates light touch, the placement of the electrodes is pretty far apart, targeting whole muscle groups, whereas the bHaptic is forty different vibrating points spread out over the torso, seems (on the face of it) to be an arrangement that can translate more ‘detail’.

Do you have a preference, btw? How do they compete within our particular niche…?