Blender to Funscript Solution?

Has there been an established method to export funscript directly from a Blender project yet?

Not referring to using Blender as a video scripting tool. Imagine you are an animator and you have your CGI scene ready. Would be nice to be able to export a funscript directly from the stuff you’ve just made.

I imagine you could bind two points on the characters’ model and get the distance between or something…

I acknowledge AnielSzal’s work but that’s on Maya.

I was pretty sure that DarkDreamsVR does this since last year, but for that some of their animations have more details in them that Blender couldn’t script and export (but those details are in their funscripts), but maybe they know a bit more about that. They regularly release about 2-3 scenes per week with a perfect funscript included.

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It’s really simple - the animation is done based on rig model/mesh, keyframes with rotations and movements are specified for each bone. If you have a Blender project and have penis and vagina bones - you can take my export script as a basis, add the math you need (interrelationships between penis/hands/mouth/vagina, etc.) and get a set of funscripts for the required axes.
In fact, when working with multi-axis scripts in Blender, I model the behavior of fleshligth over a penis :wink: