Bluetooth dongle?

i have had no luck in connecting my keon to scriptplayer i have a feeling its the bluetooth dongle i am using just would like to know which one i should be using any help would be great thanks

I know there has been a lot of writing regarding BT dongles and that you shall avoid using USB3 ports due to interference. Use a USB2 port instead, preferably not close to a USB3 port. It is also highly recommended to use a USB extension cord to be able to put the dongle closer to the device and away from USB3 connected devices. I had to do this with my old Launch to get a stable connection.

I got a Handy now so I cannot tell if there is a recommended dongle for Keon. I bought an ASUS USB-BT400 Bluetooth 4.0 USB-Adapter, which worked well with my Launch, but that was 2+ years ago and I don’t think that particular model is available anymore. It is probably replaced by ASUS USB-BT500 Bluetooth 5.0 USB-Adapter.

Found an old web browser bookmark about BT and USB3.
Explanation of the Bluetooth+USB3 problem - Bluetooth and USB 3 - A guide to resolving your Bluetooth and USB 3 problems

Just wanted to second the USB extension cable suggestion as another launch user. It was literally the difference between my launch not being able to connect and being rock solid. I also use a BT400 dongle. Everything I hear about the keon makes it sound better than the launch on every count (except for the battery), including the bluetooth connection. I would be surprised if it had an issue with the ubiquitous Asus dongles. In case you have no USB 2.0 ports like me, I can say that in my experience a USB 3.0 port works great with a dongle+extension cable.

Also, if by any chance your PC/whatever already has inbuilt bluetooth, you’ll want to disable it. I ran into that issue myself.

Not sure about the Keon specifically, but I had to buy a dongle that supported BLE. The one I had didn’t and it would not connect to my Launch.

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