Boycott eroscript

As many have already noticed, the ability to edit and delete their old themes has recently been changed.
details are described here Update to self post edit time limit + deletion guidelines

Many users, including me, this was perceived negatively. These changes primarily interfere with the most active part of the community: script authors and developers of related programs. Now we can’t keep up-to-date information in our topics.

Also, now your intellectual property does not belong to you, as you will not be able to remove it at any time.
And it seems that the administration has no plans to cancel it.

Therefore, I do not plan to post my scripts here anymore until this is cancelled. And I encourage other authors to do the same.
This community is primarily based on our work, and our opinion should be taken into account when introducing such changes.

also feel free to express your opinion about this in this thread, no matter if it is for or against


Maybe it’s time for me to just use Patreon for future releases…

This is getting weird…

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This is my script index that I can’t edit

I tend to revise and remake scripts quite often, I just can’t agree with putting a limit on editing time

Eroscript is getting sick…


Talked about this some time ago. Should users be able to delete their own post and not have to rely on asking moderators to do so?

Can’t really boycott something that is provided free of charge, but I agree this is some questionable decision and needs to be reconsidered with user voices taken into account.

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If you are concerned with your IP you can technically provide links to any hosting website like mega where you can hold your scripts. And it can have worse consequences, because you can wipe your entire script history almost instantly, without any warning to mods or anything.


As a script creator, you can definitely boycott it by no longer posting scripts, I think that’s what qweer means.

Which make the decision to prevent editing even more ridiculous in my opinion.

Listen, Eroscript.
We don’t give you our work.
You don’t have to forbid us to access to our work.

In France, you have to respect law, the RGPD are :

Toute personne peut faire rectifier, compléter, actualiser, verrouiller ou effacer des informations la concernant lorsqu’ont été décelées des erreurs, des inexactitudes ou la présence de données dont la collecte, l’utilisation, la communication ou la conservation est interdite.

Droit de rectification | CNIL.

If you delete our right of edition and deletion of our work, it’s the same thing to cancel our intellectual property, then it’s stealing.

Don’t mess with it.
We live of it, ans never we agree with you to assign our copyright.

If nothing change, you have one month to let them our access, or I’ll send a request to the CNIL, which is the legal data protection program at European level.




I’ve been on the site for a long while without ever posting or anything. First off, what caused me to post here is that many of my favorite scripters are in this thread. Without them (and all creators), the community would be less than what it is today. With that said, I would like to express my support to allow creators to edit and modify their respective collections posts at the bare minimum. You do have a right to remove your shared material, however if it removes others content/posts, that is modifying their content without their consent. The happy median would be a way to remove (blank out a post without removing others posts within the thread).

I see many scripters expressing issues of IP/copyright within their country. This is by far the biggest problem I see for the site, however the laws that apply may originate from the sites hosting country not the user’s home country. Please keep that in mind.

Additionally, please keep in mind you are posting scripts in a public forum which respects the (tag: Do not Share Free Links) for the most part. With that said, there is not really any way to protect your freely distributed scripts from being shared on the internet anywhere. Once it has been released “It’s on the net forever”

As for a boycott, the effect would be negative on both sides. ES would lose creators and community who follow those creators, and the creators could move somewhere else with a lesser audience. So I’d like to see some good communication on the topic to solve this reasonably.


im not a scripter myself. it takes so much time and learning curve testing etc, i just have no patience for that . so huge respect to scripters, who put the effort into keep this community alive and other users happy.
i hope this issue will resolve soon.

The moderator who announced the change, hugecat, already addressed the issue of legality.
You can always message a moderator to have posts deleted or sensitive information removed. Sending a request to the CNIL will do nothing that a message to a moderator won’t.

This change makes changing and deleting slower and less convenient, requiring a moderator to do it for you (and they can refuse if laws permit). It makes user experience worse and lowers trust of the forum, but doesn’t infringe on our legal rights.

I think the change was haphazard and that users ought to have their opinions heard before such major decisions go into effect, but I don’t think it’s a valid legal matter.

Thats fucked up. I also can`t make out how the Admin/Admin-Team would benefit from theses Changes. In the end every Edit/Change is way more work intensiv and can take up way longer times. One solution would be, to hand out ranks to active Scripters, so they can Edit/Change theyre old posts. But they easiest solution would be to let everybody Edit and Delete theyre posts if they wish so.

I agree that it’s annoying to post a new version of a script/tool/whatever on the bottom because of reasons. Don’t see why this was done.

Allowing users to delete their own posts/scripts is also something that should be obviously allowed even if it makes some old posts gone or unreadable. It’s their free work that makes this board alive so they should not be locked out of it…


The main issue may be the way the site functions. As people decide to edit posts and/or even delete their profile etc; on the backend, removing a user who has posted threads (as I said above) might remove other peoples comments on the threads. The solution may not be something as simple and quick as one might think. There are processes and functions operating behind the scenes to make removals and such happen that may need modification. I’ve done coding, sometimes it’s easy and something it takes forever to get right. Any changes affect other areas of the site and may have unforeseen changes as well.

maybe a forum like experience is out of date for a community like this. i remember back in the late 2000’s when i used to run a warez forum as a 12 year old. :smiley:

this site is not so far of that ppl post mega links it used to be megaupload/rapidshare/hotfile back in those days…

If thats the issue then it should be no problem to restict deletion and still allow editing?

You couldn’t delete the posts earlier, you could only edit them.

The above statement is entirely false. The moment this site allows users to connect from the European union they are (in)directly protected by European law. Especially the GDPR in regards to this site.

The GDPR safeguards the personal data of EU citizens and residents, even if it’s transferred outside the EU borders . This means that this regulation applies to all EU-based and non-EU companies, that deal with the personal data of European residents and citizens.”

  • The data subjects are identifiable if they can be directly or indirectly identified, especially by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or one of several special characteristics, which expresses the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, commercial, cultural or social identity of these natural persons. In practice, these also include all data which are or can be assigned to a person in any kind of way. For example, the telephone, credit card or personnel number of a person, account data, number plate, appearance, customer number or address are all personal data.

  • Since the definition includes “any information,” one must assume that the term “personal data” should be as broadly interpreted as possible. This is also suggested in case law of the European Court of Justice, which also considers less explicit information, such as recordings of work times which include information about the time when an employee begins and ends his work day, as well as breaks or times which do not fall in work time, as personal data. Also, written answers from a candidate during a test and any remarks from the examiner regarding these answers are “personal data” if the candidate can be theoretically identified. The same also applies to IP addresses. If the controller has the legal option to oblige the provider to hand over additional information which enable him to identify the user behind the IP address, this is also personal data. In addition, one must note that personal data need not be objective. Subjective information such as opinions, judgements or estimates can be personal data. Thus, this includes an assessment of creditworthiness of a person or an estimate of work performance by an employer."

EU data protection rules, also known as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR), describe different situations where a company or an organisation is allowed to collect or reuse your personal information:

  • they have a contract with you – for example, a contract to supply goods or services (i.e. when you buy something online), or an employee contract
  • they are complying with a legal obligation – for example, when processing your data is a legal requirement, for example when your employer gives information on your monthly salary to the social security authority, so that you have social security cover
  • when data processing is in your vital interests – for example, when this might protect your life
  • to complete a public task – mostly relating to the tasks of public administrations such as schools, hospitals, and municipalities
  • when there are legitimate interests – for example, if your bank uses your personal data to check whether you’d be eligible for a savings account with a higher interest rate

In all other situations, the company or organisation must ask for your agreement (known as “consent”) before they can collect or reuse your personal data.

And these are just tiny snippets of what is actually protected.

As a side note i personally do not see the use of a boycot, however the current state of affairs with how things are handled at this moment are not soothing to say the least.


I understand what you mean and i can see the problem, but the bulk of Users that want to Edit/Delete Posts or Comments arent really affected by this.
In my Opinion it should be handeld in one of these ways:

1.When you delete youre own posts, the Post should vanish completly will all comments as if it never existed. That means Likes, Replys and any other form of interaction gets completly removed and you cant ever interact with it again.

  1. or the Content of the Post gets deleted and the comments still exist, but you cant see the Original post. Its just Blank with the reminder “removed by Author” or something like that. You could also apply the
    same to all Comments, Posts etc, basically any form of interaction with other users, when the Profile gets deleted.

I dont know anything about programming but having every decision loaded off to a moderator is neither Efficient or Reasonable.