Pre-announcement and Listening to Opinions

Two days ago, when this post came up, editing the old post immediately became impossible

To be honest, the thing I’m most upset about is

Hugecat didn’t mention it beforehand before changed rules

When the page was overloaded before, I saw a blue mark called ‘to extreme load~’
Even in this way, You could’ve given us a notice before it changed

“Change” , I also think it’s necessary for the community to go in a good direction
But if we suddenly change the regulations in this way, we are bound to be confused

The number of eroscript accounts alone is close to 50,000
And there are at least thousands of people see every day
The number of people who post posts is also small in proportion to the total number, Still, hundreds of people posting
It’s a lot

Now, this has thrown a lot of people into confusion

62 comments were posted in two days,

and boycott declaration

Next, EroScripts Slanders…

I just put this in because it’s funny

Anyways, Trust is broken in an instant

How can i trust you when you suddenly change the rules
I’m a pessimistic person, so I have no choice but to think in a worse way
Unless you tell me beforehand

I think it’s right to at least make an announcement in advance or say, “I’m going to change it in this direction.”

That way, we can prepare in advance
It could be a better story

Please notify me at least a week to a month in advance
It’s my little wish


Honestly idk if its possible with discourse but even a beta or test version of the update to get feedback on how it feels before committing to the change would be good to gauge how fuctional the update would be. If not then what 99dm said give an announcement with some anticipation. This can also be a good way to see any pitfall that werent obvious before



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