Broken video previews and missing links

Hey everyone, I’ve noticed a couple posts so far where pasting a link to a site like pornhub not only shows a broken video embed, it also hides the link entirely. From my research, it seems like this is a problem with the linked website not cooperating with Discourse’s attempt to show a preview.

I believe the only option is to blacklist a list of sites where this is a known problem, then ‘rebake’ all the old posts to fix the missing links.

Websites currently blacklisted from previewing:

If you are running into issues, you can manually work around it by surrounding your link with < >, for example

If you have a website that’s not working, please reply to this topic and I will blacklist it from attempting to preview.


in the mean time do we want to encourage making Gifs and uploading as a preview?

That would be awesome if we could encourage at the very least including a preview image. Gifs would be a cherry on top.

I currently have a new post template when you create a topic in Script that encourages adding an image. Any other ideas on how to get this to happen?

I’ve noticed you can also get the video link with right click > copy video address