Building OSR2, kinda stuck

Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Got some components installed (servos, ESP32,and power bus) and am getting an error when trying to upload in arduino.

This is the error I’m getting, any assistance would be great.

Skip the Arduino stuff and just get the Krull firmware. Much easier to flash and configure.


Thanks for the reply :grinning:, now I’m getting a different error.
I’m the only user on this PC so I’m not sure why it’s getting “access is denied”

Edit: Fucky driver, installed driver and fixed it

I’m gonna guess your device isn’t being assigned a COM port. Check that you have the right drivers installed. I think it’s probably gonna be CP2102. Check this link to find where to download ESP32 Troubleshooting Guide | Random Nerd Tutorials


thats exactly what it was, thanks for the info