Built-in Chat [BETA]

edit: allowing trust level 1 now

Trying out the new Discourse Chat plugin

Currently only for users trust level 1 and above, and only a single General chat. This is a large enough group to try things out in and see if it’s useful or what rules we need.


Instead of having a separate chat service like Discord, one unified site is more integrated and doesn’t require an additional account. I also expect Discourse will continue releasing features which integrate real time chat with forum more.

Conduct [READ THIS]

  • As always, be civil with each other. Flag and report if people are misbehaving.
  • Public chat history is retained only for 90 days. If you have a conversation that might be helpful for others, please move that information into new/existing topics so the info will discoverable to everyone else in the future.
  • If people are asking already answered questions/discussed topics, please link them to it instead of clogging up chat.


You can adjust your preferences for chat notifications. Profile > Preferences > Chat


See the official plugin page for more technical specifics


Updated to allow chat for trust level 1. We’re still testing things out, so expect changes.

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