Buttplug, Intiface Central, etc... now have their own forum!

Looking for help getting your toy connected to Intiface Central on Desktop or Android/iOS? Trying to make a video sync program that uses Buttplug? Curious about other apps and games that work with the system!

Now you no longer have to worry about me randomly finding your post on here since no one seems to ping me!

I just created my own discourse forum for all your Intiface and Buttplug needs. We’ve still got our discord (https://discord.buttplug.io), but discord is… not real great for support history, so I’m hoping this works out better.

We won’t be covering anything video sync specific because eroscripts already does a fine job on that, but hopefully having a more targeted forum for getting things working with your hardware will be helpful!


Nice! Looking forward to checking it out

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