Buttplug.io/Interface central is slower than the Handyfeeling server

Basically title. i realized that my handy was skipping over a lot of movements and for the past few months i thought it was my handy since its almost 2 years old now. I randomly decided to hook-up my funscript player to the handyfeeling.com server though and holy shit, everything is so much better.
Does anybody know what could be causing this? Ive made sure all my interface settings are right, my bluetooth is fine, AND i have the newest version.

It is not a big deal anymore cause now i know to just connect straight to the handy, but its weird since this is a relatively new problem for me.


I could be mistaken but doesn’t buttplug.io use bluetooth and handyfeeling.com use wifi? if true that’s the discrepancy you are experiencing.

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Handy’s online mode downloads the script from their server (or yours if hosted locally). It caches the script to the device. When you press play the HandyFeeling server sends a play command to your handy and it starts moving. It calculates the latency and scrubs on the timeline to keep the actions in sync.

Handy’s Bluetooth mode gets the command in real time, one after another. Unlike the online mode it can’t predict what’s coming next and will therefore skip actions when it can’t catch up. Bluetooth LE’s frequency limit also plays a part on this.

(But there was also reports on other BLE toys doing great at this, so it might just be issues with the implementation that they did not bother to optimize. After all keeping everything local to the users does not do the company any favor.)

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