Calibrating axis limits for the OSR6?

I’ve got an OSR6 that’s been collecting dust as I’ve worked to build a good mount for it. I’ve finally got that sorted out. Now I’m trying to figure out how to “calibrate” the axis limits.

Does anyone have a good workflow for this? Trying to make sure I don’t rip my dick off here… A tool that lets me manually control the position of the device so I can move it to the most extreme positions (slowly!) would probably do the trick (not sure if that exists yet), but curious if anyone else has a better process for this.

Looking for something similar. I dont know if MFP has something like this built in. I’m about 6" and sometimes the max movement on the SR6 goes beyond that which is obviously not ideal.

What I did with a different stroker is to use MFP, use keybinds Q and A to increase/decrease L0 axis lower limit, W and S to increase/decrease L0 axis upper limit. I also binded D/E to increase/decrease L0 axis value. This way you can easily modify the axis limits without looking at your computer. And some other keys to switch between script and simple stroking pattern.

Also useful if you get soft, or when starting session.

For the rotation values, you just have to manually modify the limits.


Avya stroker site should be able to do this, I believe. At least, it’s how I found/set my limits in the OSR2’s code.

May have to mess around with the BPM to get it to go slowly and custom strokes to get the motion you want to calibrate (I made a “simple” one that just went up and down, for SR6 you probably have more axes to calibrate but it should be similar), but it is repeatable and customizable so you can fine tune it how you like. The range values are in the upper left corner. If you’re comfortable messing about with the arduino sketch, you can even hardcode the limits into the device so afterwards you can just leave them at 100 the whole time no matter what program you’re using. I took a screenshot of the post I made in Tempest’s discord regarding this:

I used this google doc to get the numbers from Avya Stroker converted to the numbers on the OSR:

Again, for SR6 there will be more numbers but the concept is the same.

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