Can anyone recommend a deskmount/arm for the OSR2+?

I’d like for it to be able to reach a couple feet from my desk if possible but concerned anything I order will end up wobbling too much. Any suggestions/recommendations?

I use her :

I have another support with a unfoldable arm.
I give you more info tomorrow.

I took a round table foot. Diameter 30 and long 80 cm,
2 screen support arms :
and a 14 x 14 cm drinking base with 4 squares that get stuck under the box spring.

Screen support may be the solution.

All my supports:

If you have access to a 3d printer I made a modification to one of Tempest’s mount designs that works great for the sr6.

Curious - what did you modify?

basically just gave his OSR2 desk mount a tilt, which you need for the SR6

show me, please

Sure here’s a mega link: 157.9 KB file on MEGA I cant attach .stl files here. please import before downloading. You’ll also have to get the other part of the clamp mechanism, I don’t seem to have the file for it anymore, and its not part of this .stl for some reason. It will also require some nuts and bolts to actually work as well. It should be on tempest’s discord or patreon someplace. I don’t have access to it anymore.

thank you.

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