Can I get a Heresphere/ScriptPlayer walkthrough?

I’m interested in trying out the Heresphere player, and getting it all set up with The Handy is proving to be not nearly as simple as the DeoVR/SLR setup. I am using an HP Reverb G2 (so a headset connected directly to my desktop PC).

I have ScriptPlayer installed, and I can connect to my Handy using “Local” as the video player. I have the Heresphere demo installed.

From what I have seen, I need to use “DeoVR” as the player in ScriptPlayer? I do that, and I get a message that DeoVR is not connected. I’m not sure how to connected Heresphere to ScriptPlayer. I have seen in another post that I need to use the Timestamp server in Heresphere. So I have that enabled. The port setting in my Heresphere is 23554, so in ScriptPlayer, I have “localhost:23554” as the Port.

Nothing really seems connected? Any thoughts? Once I do have this working, what are the steps to get my Handy synced up and connected as well? Thanks!


Ok, maybe I just gave myself a walkthrough on this, because I tried it again and now it’s connected and working great. I would delete the post, but maybe this will be helpful to someone else looking into how to get this setup working.


Dude, major props on this, thank you. It’s such a simple thing but I couldn’t figure it out until I read your post.

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