Can I play a script on android to my Keon?


I dont have bluetooth on my PC. I ordered one usb adapter for that but it’ll be another week until it gets to me. I already made my own amateur script and video file for it (2d, no VR).

I’m looking for any way I could take that video and funscript file and play it from my android phone to my Keon, without any kind of VR headset or similar stuff. Is there any app/program that lets me do this?

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should be possible. with THIS on your PC:

and THIS on your Smartphone.

You have to be in same WLAN with both devices and you have to activate Location Service on your Smartphone (and bluetooth of course)…and you need a free SLR account.

The Script has to have (besides of the file-type ending) the exact same name like the vid.

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Hi thanks a lot for the reply, I appreciate it. I downloaded the SLR VR App onto my PC but when I start it, it only shows me the interface with no way for me to interact with it. My mouse doesnt work to click on it and arrowkeys dont seem to work either for navigation. Am I doing something wrong?

I’m using standard windows 10.

Oh, sorry to hear, i never installed it to windows myself because i had no need to. but i tried it after your answer. The surface of the program seems to be for VR only, so you would have to forward it throug the oculus desktop app to the quest to interact with it i guess

Sounds interesting, I would gladly try that solution. Do I need any additional hardware for this? And where can I find/download it? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

No Hardware besides an USB-C 3.0 cable. Oculus App for Windows is provided HERE for example:

EDIT: Oh, i’m deeply sorry. I completely missed that you DON’T want to use VR stuff.,the suggested solution is for an Oculus VR Goggle, my fault. Since is gone, i don´t know how to sync 2D stuff from PC via Cellphone to Keon, i am sorry.

Hey no worries man, my bluetooth adapter actually just arrived today, much faster than planned. ^^

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