Can I replace the Romeo BLE board in OSR2 with a regular arduino with a connected Bluetooth HC06 and a motor driver?

Hi, I would like to try to make OSR2, but I don’t have a romeo, besides, this board is quite expensive compared to the usual arduino or ESP32 on aliexpress. In addition, I already have an arduino and ESP32, as well as a motor driver and a bluetooth module. Is it possible to replace romeo with existing components and will the scripts work?

I know for a fact that you can use an ESP32 board, i used one in mine you just need to change the SR6 arduino file to use it in OSR2 mode.
I don’t know what you would need a motor driver for, unless you wan’t to use the vibration function.
As for bluetooth, i’m pretty sure the OSR2 doesn’t use it, as it uses the serial port on the arduino

Also, the twist/pitch modules is totally worth building

Thank you! Is the SR6 arduino file available only after subscribing to patreon? Because I wanted to try the open source model first.

Yeah, you’ll have to sub to his Patreon, it’ll also give access to his discord which could be helpful if you encounter any troubles when building. I’m a newcomer but message me if you need help at some point

Just tested the OSR2-Ver3_4.ino with a clone Arduino Nano with only three servos wired up.

Tested with with Chrome - using USB - All working
tested with MultiFunPlayer - using USB - All working
Three servos is enough to be the “OSR2+” I would recommend 35KG servos with a strong power supply.

PUBLIC - MARCH 2022 Update OSR2-Release3_4

Tested with ver3.3.ino as well and that worked too.

I need help with one more question, since I did a stupid thing. I’ll try to explain. Because of the actions of our stupid, crazy government, many international services are blocked in my country, including patreon and paypal. When I was told that I needed to pay and subscribe to patreon, I decided that then I would make sr6 right away. I found out that there are services that can pay for Patreon for me for a commission, ordered additional servos and waited for delivery for a month and a half, when they recently came, I turned to these services to pay for patreon, and there they told me that Patreon has not accepted their cards since the beginning of May. Now I’m sitting with the purchased materials for sr6, but I can’t pay for the Patreon to receive stl files and scripts. Is Tempest located on other sites or only on Patreon?

On their Thingiverse - tempestmax where the public OSR2 and OSR2+ 3d files are.


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I personally have never heard of before but It might your in…?

If not the OSR2+ is still extremely great.

Thanks again! At least I was able to register there) But still have problem with payment( Anyway, I’ll look at other solutions.

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