Can KEON Connect to VR Without SLR?

There’s a great connection guide on here that I’ve found, but it’s only to connect the KEON and VR to SLR. Apparently, in order to use this, you must have a premium plus account. I just don’t want to pay that premium price. There are a ton of other sites out there, plus, I’ve got a pretty decent collection of videos with scripts on my PC. A while back, there used to be a connection guide with Scriptplayer and Buttface, but that stopped working after something was updated (I think it was Whirligig and DEOvr. Are there any free VR sites that will connect to my Rift? I can use airlink or without.

HereSphere might work with Keon.
Try the free demo.

I see HereSphere and that seems easy to connect. But how do you connect the KEON to be able to know the scripts if I use somehing non SLR. Is HereShere like a browser? There’s one free site that is pretty good if you like nonvr, very easy to connect. But for VR videos it says I need a VR browser and shows a QR code. The page it brings me to just has a bunch of computer verbiage for what seems like you would use if you were building your own web browser. But I have no clue how to do that.

Heresphere works with Keon. You can connect to the App directly via bluetooth. You just have to set up your PC’s VR video folder to be shared within devices sharing your internet.

Link to on how to set up Heresphere for scripts and videos: How to use scripts in VR - picture guide (Heresphere / Whirligig)

This is how to connect KEON to HereSphere: How to use scripts in VR - picture guide (Heresphere / Whirligig) - #75 by HereSphere

If you still have issues, the developer of HereSphere is a user here and helps people personally to get things working.

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