Can multiple people script the same video and each be equally good on their own?

Unless a script is done poorly, can you have multiple good version of an experience and find a reason to experience with each of the individual scripts?

I’m sure there would be a good amount of overlap, but everyone has different styles, so as long as they put some of their own flair into it, I think you could get five people to do the same script and each will make something different.

This goes double for things like PMVs or HMVs, if they do proper variances on stroke length/speed, or do a hybrid action/beat mix.

For example, shbek’s post here,
the looped version has a ton of different patterns for the same video, and that was just one person.

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Yeah it happens all the time. And yeah with every scripter having there own style, I wouldn’t necessarily say one is better than the other, I think it’s up to personal preference, but ppl script scenes that already have scripts ofcassionally

This changes everything now. Interesting. Thank you for elaborating.

I think it’s completely possible to have multiple scripts for the same scene to be both good and different from each other.
But I don’t think personally that I would use multiple scripts for a given scene and switch between them, there’d probably be one of those scripts that’s the closest to my personal taste.
I’m talking specifically about VR scenes as I’m not really interested in anything else.

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like some of the guys already said, yes it can be. For the simple penetration parts it wont differ very much but on handjob/blowjob parts it will differ. Which you prefer depends on what you like or how sensitive your mini-me is.
There are a few examples of scripts that have two versions. For example VRbangers ozapft is BDSM there are two versions.
the free one on here

And the one i made on SLR O’zapft Is BDSM!;; bondage sadist chains whips collar leash threesome MFF slave anal toys

they will have parts that are the same but also a lot will be different. For example he started the script when the guy was awake, i started it when he was waking up.

i cant say which one you might prefer as that depends on your personal preferences and sensitivity.

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Thank you for breaking this down. You made that script that is for sale for $3.49 on SLR? How much do you get if that script sells?

I was under the impression there is also the issue of theHandy device needing different scripts than other devices because of the amount of power it has. Is this correct?

Absolutely. Some scripters have different styles or script for different purposes.

Recent example is a video that both I and @shbek did, as they do hardcore versions for those thay like the fast and hard styles, but mine was more longer fuller strokes for people that like gentler scripts.

Just like art, different people can script differently, so it is alright to script something someone else has done already.

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