Can´t get Firmware Update 3 on my The Handy Interactive Sextoy, need Help

So, i saw, that Firmware 3 rolled out for my Handy, so i started it exactly as described on the Website, all so good, but when i restart my Handy after Firmware Update i still don´t have the Bluetooth Option. What did i wrong, can anyone help me?

What bluetooth option do you mean? Current firmware only allows you to connect to the Handy app via bluetooth to setup wifi. There isn’t an official way to control the toy via bluetooth. I know there is a solution in the works via Buttplug (a sex toy controller from the community) but that’s not an official solution.

the handy
On the Website it says Bluetooth Option, i wanted to connect my Handy to Feel Connect App, but it doesn´t pop up in the App, and there are not much websites that have integration with The Handy etc.pp… also, i need a Download Link for the Script Player for Pc and Android, can´t find any of them, thanks, hope they will soon add more websites for Support

Yeah, no that doesn’t work, sorry.

You can browse this forum and find a ton of other options and content. Not many of us rely on ‘official content’ for the Handy.

i already work on own scripts for videos, but i am an beginner in scripting, maybe i should send some video requests here, and hope for scripting

There are hundreds of free scripts here! Be sure to check and search!

i check daily for new updates, but i have videos i want to be scripted, maybe send some requests for them

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