Can we add a new tag for script request for video game integration or maybe its own section

As the community has gotten larger new members have contributed to the collection such as coding funscript integration to games. Now I know not everyone is a coder here but we do have a handful of coders with the influx of new people. They have given us awesome stuff like:

Would it be possible to create a topic specific for game integration or game mods that add the use of funscripts rather than having it fall in only the software section? or to create a new tag for the request of moding a game for device integration? Just my idea. Hope there are enough people that would be on board with this idea.

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we currently have a game tag, and it does seem to be mostly appropriately so far. Idk if we have a sufficiently large enough amount of game content to spin it off into its own thing just yet

oh didnt know about that tag my bad. hopefully we get a bigger coding/ moding community