Can we add a new tag for script request for video game integration or maybe its own section

As the community has gotten larger new members have contributed to the collection such as coding funscript integration to games. Now I know not everyone is a coder here but we do have a handful of coders with the influx of new people. They have given us awesome stuff like:

Would it be possible to create a topic specific for game integration or game mods that add the use of funscripts rather than having it fall in only the software section? or to create a new tag for the request of moding a game for device integration? Just my idea. Hope there are enough people that would be on board with this idea.


we currently have a game tag, and it does seem to be mostly appropriately so far. Idk if we have a sufficiently large enough amount of game content to spin it off into its own thing just yet

oh didnt know about that tag my bad. hopefully we get a bigger coding/ moding community

Very new to the community but I still think it is a good idea to have a better tag or more well known tag for these games because neither of those projects are tagged game and there are some video scripts in the game category. I believe these projects are one of the best ways to use a bluetooth toy and should be as visible as possible.


I mean who cares if it’s a small amount of content? At least once we have it we have it, it’s not taking up any space. If we wait until there’s a large amount of content then so much of that will forever be untagged.

Just make an “interactive” tag, problem solved. The game tag is just 99% videos of the game rather than actual game interactivity.

I personally want this tag but the name be “Device Intergration” so I can find out about games that are getting intergration for devices as they are a rarity but are often gold when I find them which is currently only via me searching through the game tag to see in the comments or the first post to be edited to say there’s an ongoing effort for the intergration. Because as far as I know the current list of games with it is, Fallen Angel Marielle, Setaria and Mage Kanade but I expect there to be more done as time passes and more games get release (Setaria has a sequal in the works with a lot of work already done and Deselmine pumps games out fairly often and have a few out that I can see benefiting from it).

I also see it maybe helping with setting up threads to give the tools or the knowledge out to enable people to attempt to start working on it on games they want to have it themselves, (Milking Farm and Mission Mermadien are two good titles for it though I’ve heard Mission Mermadian is kinda done via xtoys but I never got it to work and vib focused)

personally I’m not loving any of these tag names. Integration seems to general. I feel like game-integration is more accurate, but it’s also pretty wordy. Any suggestions?

Device mod? Or game mod?

I’m more for “Device Intergratation” over something with game or mod as people have made the intergratation I’ve seen for minecraft and so see intergrations being done for other programs that aren’t game. Saying Device mod makes it instead sound like it’s a modification for a device, please do suggest other name ideas as I know I haven’t thought all the possible names, though this is presuming that the tag is added in the end.

The problem with device integration is that its actualy not integrated into a device, but into a program. Device is too generic as name and can actualy be confusion on that end.

Software integration is on that more accurate, but far too wordy. Software mod is a bit shorter though and does state somewhat similar things (modding is a common term for such integrated features).

We can also take a more generic term here: modding. But this is normaly too generic. Sure, when its in a script category, it generaly should exclude the DIY related stuff, so on that at least has some conflicts removed. It would still be a quite open ended term though, but maybe that is a good thing.

Still, as its usualy just for games, i think game-mod does a fine enough job. Its very specific, its a short tag. But yeah, in the case 1 mod is not a game, it excludes that one which i think is undesired.

My personal vote would be going to the tag modding

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What if instead of creating a tag, we create a whole other category at the home page for interactive games.


Sounds like a software subcategory then

I agree with that as that would make it easier to spot amongst the crowd when looking for it as then people can look in that specific subcatagory for just that stuff.

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Seconded, would be most visible.

I will create a section for #game-mod and we’ll update based on feedback

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