Can we get a 2d-jav tag or similar? (A Request)

I’ve been noticing it for a very long time but it’s never been a big deal but can we please get a 2d-jav tag? Or can the kind folks who create JAV VR Scripts just soley use the jav-vr & vr tags?

Considering we alread have a jav-vr tag it seems like overkill to also use the regular jav tag. When I search via that tag, I’m usually trying to find the 2d/flat scripts but a lot of jav vr scripts bloat the search.

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So you’re not wrong in asking for this, but this is more or less an impossible request to fulfill since the site/community already has trouble with people not following directions(posting script requests with barebone info, not tagging, script requests outside correct forum), much less avoiding a tag that’s technically correct in its usage.

The correct solution is to ask if there’s a way to exclude tags in the search function. Cause its not a big deal but it would def be a quality of life function that makes sense given that the library of scripts is growing constantly.

Afaik you can search for posts that include multiple tags, but you can’t exclude them. It says that blocking tags stops them from showing up in latest but idk if that works for searching since i don’t really block tags.

Adding this function, would be more work for the site admins but its something that would probably be a better solution than expecting every member to follow instructions.

You can exclude tags. So the easiest solution should be to exlude the jav-vr tag.

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The real question is why there is a #jav-vr tag when we have #jav and #vr tags separately already and people can combine them. Kinda makes it only harder to filter tags…

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you could potentially search for the tags jav and exclude jav-vr and vr Exclude tags when searching

And yeah, tag management is hard since higher level users can create their own and the usage isn’t strict. If some @trust_level_3 people want to fix this, you have the ability to edit tags of any topic. Once that happens, we could get rid of the jav-vr tag.


You’re right, just found out through the howto section, thanks!

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