Can we make a new tag just for games?

I saw some videos with “game” tags lately.
Can we make a more user friendly tag with real game tags? Earlier we used “game” tags only for flash games.
Now videos are using the same tags.


The problem is not the tag, its the user.

A lot of people don’t know what POV mean (POINT OF VIEW) and use the tag wrong, thats life…

yeah I’d put that on the people sharing the scripts. Honestly, the best thing to do if you see it and are not trust level 3 is to comment or dm the person and ask them to change it

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hmm… In my case, it’s not a flash game script, but I made some hentai game cg scripts. I think it would be good to use that tag in the game CG script, too!

you don’t need to use the game tag for that, cgi/animation/etc is fine

game is specifically for interactive scripts with inputs


oh, i see :slight_smile: