Can you guys help me connect my handy to the intiface for games

Hey guys can you help me connect my handy to games like honey select 2 or koikatsu because i cant figure it out myself. my handy is working with videos and scripts but thats it i know that i have to connect it to the inface but i dont know how any help would be good thanks in advanc

All info you need is on initface desktop homepage. But to make it easier for you just go here and scroll down

It tells you what you need and how to start it
Got my games premodded butt the mod should be placed in the Beepinex plugin folder
Same for Honey select2

i know where is mod or should be i mean that i cant connect my handy to intiface. i connected my handyt to wifi i know it is working because it sync with scripted videos but i dont see it on device list in honey select 2 settings

  1. Make sure that the theHandy is running on the latest firmware, you can update it on

  2. Put theHandy into bluetooth mode by holding down the wifi button. The LED should be blue

  3. In Intiface Desktop, open the Devices tab and click the button: ‘Start server and scan for devices’

  4. After your toy shows up in the panel, click: ‘disconnect from server’, this is important as only one client can be connected to the intiface server. If done correctly, you should see that your device is connected in the Server Status tab

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can it be done with wifi because my pc dont have bluetooth

i just bought bluetooth just to try that i had to buy it anyway

it works great thanks

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