Can you make Game interative program?

I’m the one who wants game interactive
That’s how I started scripting

The game galleries I scripted

Deselmine - Milking Farm
Deselmine - Mira and the strange alchemy
Deselmine - Pet hero and the Devil’s castle
Lilith in Nightmare_1
Lilith in Nightmare_2
Zell23 - fobs (forest of the blue skin version 1.09 gallery_old script)
[sys3.6.3, zankuro] ugoku E.C.M compilation
Super monsters’n girls (1h 42m !, Simple&Detailed, Devided version!)
Hide-and-seek after school game gallery! (2 version script, +devided version!)
Eroico Game CG Collection! (about 34min, 2 version script!)
{Device interaction added!} [Deselmine] Mage Kanade’s Futanari Dungeon Quest!
[SQDT] Succubus Academia! (4version, total 123k action!)
[Deselmine] Summer~ life in the countryside [DLC add!](Total 76min, 2 version script!)
Setaria All CG (Script for Device integration)
Under The Witch Collection! (Total 2h 20min)
モンスター娘 TD & MGQ Game CG Collection (Total 1h 53min)
Super Naughty Maid! 2 (1h 30m, 2 Version Script, Total 50K action!)
[integration script] RJ01064403 ottomesakuya
[integration script] seal of Lutellaria
[Integration Script] Pure Onyx (2 version script)

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to create an interative program
I have rarely knowledge of the matter

I understand that there are people who can create interative programs
First of all, the people I know are like this (There might be more)
@tidol @dimnogro @Nodude @to4st @Kyral

Can anyone help me with Game interative?

With quite a lot scripting experience, I can script any video (i can make multi-axis script, too)
If there’s a related video, i can script it

If you need a scriptwriter to create a program,
you can contact me ( : 99DM#99DM )
I can help you as much as I can


I have a program that I’m doing and I’m about to launch called Edi. easy device integration.
The idea is that it is an open source tool that everyone can use and collaborate on it for more functionality. the idea is similar to what funscriptplayer now does, which is based on the code from fallen angel.

one of the advantages of edi is that for example it has handy upload. The next thing I wanted to do is to adapt maga kanades futanari doungeon, to use edi, so that it could be played with the detailed version since it would not depend on bluetooth




That sounds fantastic! I have one concern though - if it uses Handy’s wifi connectivity, will it take a few seconds to load each script? Games can switch scenes frequently and that may be an problem.

Edit: I see how it works. That’s actually very smart! Thank you for the initiation! :heart:

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Note that even if uploads took 1 second, game wise that can generaly still be managable. Most scripts are delayed because they have to be sent to the handy api. Local conversion is significantly faster.

But now i also wonder, is it possible to upload scripts of less than a second, as basicly being a plain position adjustment. As this feature wouldnt only be useful for games, it would be useful for a much better remote control.

Or: flappy bird where the bird position decides the handy position. That is going to be a real edging torture, even if made significantly easier to beat :smiley: (when close, your concentration drops, so you lose and the handy stops)


Noup, edi make a bundle that compile all galleries in a big funscript, then seek in this bundle to play a especific gallery

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i would gladly help with that, tho i don’t know how to code (i do know how to use git and stuff like that but i am not a dev)

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thx so much😭

You can also refer to this

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I read your new topic and learned that. It should be much better than downloading individual scripts for each scene. :grin:

Although - this might be my own problem - from my experience of video sync, there’s still a ~500ms latency when seeking within a script. That may be a significant stutter when scene switches. :thinking:


I want to make a program for the handy, but have no good ideas for something that hasn’t been done yet. It has an API for controlling it in “real time” but from my experience it isn’t really that responsive and has high latency. There is a game in development called LustBound which I think has had better success using the blutooth protocol instead, but the example documentation only works on windows.

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I know some games that natively support the Cyclong X10 device. Their developer is called ANIM.I’m not sure what they have achieved. I wish you success.

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I’m currently working on using dimnogro’s EDI program for different games/engines. I might start off with one in your list here.
I’ve already found a practical way to integrating it for most TyranoBuilder games, but I’m not great at scripting, so I’m hoping I can count on your help for that in the future :grin:.


horang e


If the lag is due to memory, not latency, having your program segment the script into smaller chunks could work.

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