Can you sync TheHandy locally

I’ve got a Handy and managed to get it to sync using WIFI.

But can you get it to sync to your local files without using the HandyFeeling site?

Yes. You’ll want to use the app to set a connection key and configure your wifi connection for the Handy. Then you can use ScriptPlayer to connect to the Handy directly. One you have the key, enter it in script player under settings → The Handy. Set script host to local and enter the IP of your computer under Local IP. The local port should also be set to 80. Set the Handy to wifi mode. Once it has connected to your wifi network, you can connect to the handy directly under the devices menu.

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Doesn’t that still use the site as scripthost (you can check that in the settings)?

Thank you!

Not when the script host is set to local. If you want to use the website you can set it to

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