Can you upload a lost/orphaned script?

Does anyone have a link to where scripts for the full episodes are? Reading other threads it seems like they exist already just dont know where to find them.

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The place I found them was in a archive torrent for the fleshlight launch on sukebei. No idea who the creator is sadly.

Does anyone know what the site policy for orphaned scripts is? There’s a bunch of good hentai scripts in there.

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Good question, it would take a bit of organization to correctly upload them, though. However, if they’re only ‘orphaned’ cos someone ripped a bunch of scripts and uploaded them anonymously, then that would be very rude. @Husky would know what the best thing to do is…

It’s for the o-phaans…

Just ask one of the @moderators or @hugecat.

hmmm it’s going to be hard to differentiate ‘lost’ scripts that are okay to reupload vs scripts that were taken down intentionally

As a general rule of thumb, you’d want to ask the scripter for permission, assuming they’re still active on the site. If it’s a paid script, that’s a no-go.

I could potentially imagine a community editable blacklist? Like, if a scripter decides to delete their scripts, they add their name to the blacklist and users would be expected to check the list before reuploading?

idk i’m spitballing

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They came out of realtouchscripts so hopefully the people that made them are still around. I saw the first two episodes of “Youkoso Sukebe Elf no Mori e” in there and I know that @bumdude currently has episode 3&4 on RealSync so maybe some of them came from him?

Here are .txt files with the full file listings of the three archive torrents.
Funscripts (Fleshlight Launch) Collection.txt (82.5 KB)
Funscripts (Fleshlight Launch) Collection Update 1.txt (34.4 KB)
Funscripts (Fleshlight Launch) Collection Update 2.txt (22.7 KB)

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I think I came across that same torrent when I was searching but it seemed kinda sus. Would gladly pay for the scripts I’m looking for if they exist on a storefront somewhere but I sure as heck can’t find it.

I think those are the torrents I also came across awhile ago. Lots of lost conent on there but also some payed stuff that was taken down from realsync. Wish there were more seeders for it, but its an old torrent.

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reminder, no torrents or encouraging torrents on this site

I’m just sharing the file lists so that our wonderful community can hopefully find the original owners. If those original owners want payment for access to said scripts then I will happily give them all the dollerydoos they ask for. The only reason I even know those archive torrents exist in the first place was that I’d just purchased my handy and didn’t know that eroscripts was a place yet.