Can you use handy without any internet connection?

Is there plans to add Bluetooth capability to the handy so that it can be used fully locally without any internet connection? I wanted to be able to use my funscripts and videos I have locally with my handy without the use of the internet. Is there a way I can set it up now so that I don’t need an internet connection? Can I set up my PC as a server that sends the info it needs to the handy? I’m assuming all of this is possible on a local network, so why do we need the handy servers specifically?

At the moment it’s only in beta.

Here you should be able to find out how to do it.
I think HandyControl hasn’t been updated to use the bluetooth yet so you might net to use the combo of Buttplug and Scriptplayer if you do.

I have used Script player before with my launch, but not buttplug. I don’t know what buttplud does. Why would you need to use both scriptplayer and buttplug together? Does scriptplayer not cover something that is needed?

ScriptPlayer doesn’t use the BT connection because I haven’t upgraded my Handy to the Beta Firmware. I might implement that one when it becomes available, but at the moment I’m quite happy how the Handy handles scripts via WiFi.

Instead of the BT Api I would prefer a direct WiFi API, but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon (if ever)

So does script player work with the handy, but still goes through the handy servers for script usage? That would be nice to have either direct bluetooth or direct wifi for the handy. I mainly just want to be able to use the handy without an internet connection if possible. I still don’t know what buttplug does or why it’s needed in combination with scriptplayer to use the handy like hophopx2 mentioned though.

There is no direct connection available for now and also HandyControl does not support BT. Not sure if BT will even handle scripts. Think I heard somewhere that it will not support scripts but this might be wrong.

ScriptPlayer works with the Handy, but you have to use their API servers to control it.
If you host your scripts locally or via is your choice (both options included in ScriptPlayer).
Unfortunately there is no “direct” WiFi connection yet, and BT is still in beta (Handy beta FW 3.x)

Sweet, that’s essentially what I wanted to know. I just bought a handy and am waiting for it, but it will be a bit. Thanks!

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