Cannot get scripts to run on SLR/DEO with plex DLNA

So I get the scripts working with XBVR( sometimes they dont work for no reason) But I get unsupported format for hiigh res vids. I get plex working fine using DLNA on both SLR app and deovr( both instaalled on the quest 2) But the scripts wont work through plex. Any tips? Im using slr interactive app or whatever its called now and a kiiroo keon

It’s always best to contact support. The team is really prompt to reply.
Just in case there’s also HapticsConnect interactive feature is available for SLR paying users only - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos

Assuming you’ve bought at least one script through SLR, so SLR’s restriction isn’t the issue:

Plex has a really annoying thing where it automatically renames the file it’s playing over DLNA—I think it adds the year to the end of the video?—which means your script’s name won’t match so it won’t sync.

Say you have “example.mp4” and your script is called “example.funscript”, Plex automatically does something weird, I think it takes the date you added the video to your library (the ‘Originally Available’ metadata field) and adds this to the end of the title it’s playing, so it in effect becomes “example 2022.mp4” or something like that when it plays.

The only way I could figure out how to get it to work with scripts was to go into the Plex interface and manually edit each video’s metadata, deleting/blanking the ‘Originally Available’ metadata field and Saving it. That should fix it, but if you’ve got lots of videos in your library then this isn’t really a useful workaround as you would have to edit the metadata for each one.

Yeah I had to manually do that for every script. On the plus side you can add meta data at the same time like studio, actress or genre and then you can use that to sort your library.

This. Another thing I had to do was put the scripts in the /Interactive folder on Quest 2 as opposed to just in the plex folder

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