Cannot open my finished project in OpenFunScripter

Today I have finished my first project in OpenFunScripter.
I have exported it and just like during I was still working on it, I had those 3 files

  • *.ofsp
  • *.mp4
  • *.funscript

I moved those 3 files to another folder and started another project.
Shortly after that, I realized that I haven’t checked the meta info on my “old” project. Therefore I wanted to reopen it again, but it does not work.

If I choose to open the ofsp file, I only see the line I was creating but there is no video. I have moved all 3 files to the previous folder, but it still does not work.
Now I am afraid to save anything (or even fix potential bad scripting later) because I am not sure if that would destroy/overwrite a working script.

Does anyone have a clue what I can do?

You can close and save current project in the project menu. After that you can go to File > Import video/script and select your video and it should load the funscript. Move the project files first just to be sure the old one doesn’t mess things up.

My guess is that the project file contains file paths and if you didn’t restore the files to their original location it doesn’t work properly.

Thank you. I had to save and close the file. (which I wanted to prevent first because I was not sure if it would overwrite anything - but after reopening it now seems as if everything is in sync as it should be)
There isn’t a “save as…” feature, is it?

Not that I know of. I’ve actually requested a feature to just close a project without saving first. We’ll see if that will happen at some point.

If that helps there is auto-backup directory. You can find it under File I believe.

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