Cannot play 1mb script?

I am currently having problem playing a 1mb size script & hour long video file from HandyFeeling

I first thought it was the handy feeling’s problem, but it had no problem playing the original 1 min version.

Is there a limit for script file size?

btw this is the file that I am talking about:
It keeps failing to load the script.

Yes, I’ve run into the same problem as well. Works if you use an app that doesn’t use their conversion/hosting service and instead uploads the converted script directly to the device.

Maybe it would be enough to just shift-right click the video after uploading the 1 minute version and enabling looping?

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I never knew that this feature even existed…

Thx for the help!

:open_mouth: How do u do that?

Thanks for that tip for the player on HandyFeeling. It is going to be very useful! I found you can also just right click on the video and select Loop. No need to hold shift. Makes it easier when you only have 1 hand free.

Thats the reason i switched away from wifi to bluetooth only - more stable faster responses and no script limit so far

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Interesting… I had some delay script delay and lag problems when I used bluetooth. Maybe my settings are wrong?

I usually connect script player with intiface desktop and vlc player. Can you tell me your settings if it doesn’t mind?

I use intiface aswell, maybe its either your usb BT dongle or VLC, i use mpc-hc and it works like a charm with 0 delay. Maybe u have set an script shift in script player?

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oooohh thx for the reply. I guess I gotta check on the different video player that you are talking about. I also think it’s the video player’s problem since It doesn’t just delay the script, It even lag a lot.

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