Can't edit own post

Found out that I couldn’t edit / delete my own posts and topics today despite being on “regular” trust level. Has the site rules been changed again?


I have the same problem, wanted to change the video length but could not do it. A few days ago it was still possible.


Had the same problem but whatever it was it seems to be fixed now.

can people confirm if this is still happening?

doubt we changed anything on our end. Maybe the server got overloaded for a short period of time?

I can’t edit all my own posts since yesterday too. (︶︹︺)
If I click “trash can” I see this.

Seems to be fixed now, I can edit my own post

Yesterday I could edit my post again, so looks like it is fixed now.

I can’t edit my topic too , there is no “edit” button.

I think users under certain trust level don’t have permission to edit/delete posts. @mark566866 is a newly registered user that’s probably why.

Can you check if it’s been fixed by now?

No ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭

This is still happening to me.
I was able to adjust tags / provide new links for videos last week.
But couldn’t edit my posts starting this week.

hmmm I’m checking the site settings, and it’s still set so that everyone can edit their own topics forever. Really not sure what’s going on…

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I currently cannot edit my own posts under Paid Scripts. Interestingly enough, I can still edit my Script index post though…

I modified the trust a bit today. Can you guys try and edit your posts?

I cant edit my own posts in free scripts…

No I can’t. (︶︹︺)

I updated more perms can you guys try again?


Editing work.
Thank you.(b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b