Cant even use a paid for slr application to play older slr scripts that have been taken off the service

Slr is really fucking nuking and just murdering our scene here, first they took away deo vrs support for local funscript files only can access if u pay them, then they said it was just a one time fee. welp I have a paid sub and now the function is gone to play local scripts (they also took off the ablitity to use an old build to run local scripts by taking the server offline i guess). Please tell me what you guys are using for vr local scripts and videos I really wanna just cancel slr they we’re convenient, but they just keep fucking over us as customers and the little thing we had going here.

I’ve been using Intiface/Buttplug combined with scriptplayer since the beginning and I have nothing to complain about. I bought the few scripts I wanted from SLR and downloaded them so I never really relied on them for anything.

They’re making the mistake of making piracy more convenient than just paying for it. Right now there’s not a lot of script piracy, which leaves them as the sole source for a great many scripts, and gives them a level of indemnity against losing customers to that. But I don’t think they realize how quickly they could fall off that cliff if a community like that forms and the actual player and organization options elsewhere are superior. As they very clearly are right now.

(Knowing how SLR approaches things, the response to that would likely be something about how they’re virulently anti-piracy and will shut them down, as though $100 billion dollar industries have not tried and failed.)

I’m happy to pay for this stuff. Creators deserve support. But my willingness to continue paying with both my time and my effort to have access to everything wanes rapidly, and I’m much likelier to choose the option that costs less and doesn’t come with the possibility of seeing vast swathes of content disappear at the drop of a hat, with no real way to acquire some of it before it is literally completely impossible to access anywhere on the public internet.

When did they remove the ability to play local scripts? I just used it last week, so wondering if I should avoid updating. (Though there is many other options for playing local scripts.)

Heresphere is a great alternative VR player with script support



Local scripts are supported like usual

Not sure why so angry.

  1. Local scripts are working like usual. Nothing changed.

  2. We are adding a ton of cool stuff including multi axis scripts and osr support.

Also making slr ultimate 2 axis sex toy


Really interested to see what you’re working on in that space. Anything you can share yet?

Local scripts work fine on DeoVR, just tried it out

Pretty lame you guys removed a bunch of scripted videos though. Like why would you remove scripted videos from your platform? Literally one of the videos that got me to purchase a subscription in the first place is just gone now. Pretty disappointing.

We removed nothing.

Studio decided to pull the same way like you pull your videos from YouTube.

We do our best to keep all the studios up and bring you many more new videos every single day

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@SDW You don’t tell what setup you have. There are different solutions depending on the stroker device and VR headset you are using. The solution may also depend on if you stream videos from e.g. SLR or use local videos with scripts.

I personally have a Handy and a SteamVR compatible device and use local videos and scripts. I mostly use Heresphere these days, but I also use DeoVR from time to time. Both works fine.

There are guides here in the forum for how to set it up if you need it (look in the How To category). If you have another setup there should be threads discussing how to set that up too (maybe not in How To though). You are not the first person to ask about it. Use search and you will most likely find alternatives on how to set up things.

I realized what happened after I posted that comment. I apologize for not doing any research before maling assumptions.

Still sucks though lol

What would you think about releasing the scripts made for videos that were removed by thoae studios?
That way customers could still enjoy the scripts if they so chose?

I feel like scriptors spent alot of time and effort into makimg those scripts which can no longer be enjoyed beceause of those studios. Or are those scripts still available somewhere on SLR?

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2. We are adding a ton of cool stuff including multi axis scripts and osr support.

THIS! is like an Adult Christmas gift! I have been hoping and praying for multiaxis support from SLR. Love the work you guys are putting into SLR, and now you just made it even better. Might actually upgrade to a lifetime membership when my annual expires if this is coming.


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