Can't get handy to move on the SLR site, even though it says it's connected

Just got a new Handy, again. I bought the discounted version for $139 rather than the newest. I couldn’t bring myself to pay 60 more dollars just for a right angle plug and better package.

Anyway, just went to SLR, which I pay for the premium package including the scripts. I went to settings and put in the key. It shows a green check as if it is connected. But when I play the videos through Devor on my gear VR as I did in the past with previous Handy, nothing happens. I went back to settings, and it says it is connected.

What has changed that it is now not working???

Try updating on handyfeeling, if thats not the issue ive had to in the past unplug the handy, restart the computer and try again.
See if it works with scriptplayer or the handyfeelings local video player with a video/script you already have.
Thats my usual troubleshooting list and 90%of the time it works.
Happens once in a while for me and no idea why.

Is Gear VR your headset?

You would have to upgrade What’s the best headset for VR porn?

This happens on my vive, no idea what OP uses.

The guy specified he is using GearVR that’s not supported by slr anymore.

Oh, well still doesnt explain me haha oh well. It happens if I close my laptop and reopen later and start using it again. No idea why. But a restart fixes it 99% of the time. I also dont know all these headsets and names I just know index and vive and oculus. Never heard gear and didnt know cardboard could be vr :smirk:

Sound like some issue related to sleep/hibernation. That is known to cause all kind of issues in a variety of situations. Applications might not handle the situation well when they are awoken from sleep or hibernation for example. Also, connections to some hardware can require reconnect/resync to work properly after that too.

Gear VR isn’t officially supported by Oculus/Meta anymore so SLR decided to remove the support for it. A bit drastic IMHO, but it’s their decision. I think it would have been better to keep the support as long as it didn’t cause a support burden or caused any technical issues (maybe it did, who knows). Imagine if Microsoft removed support in Windows for all devices that aren’t supported by vendors anymore…

You don’t really understand it.
Once it’s deprecated by oculus, it’s gone on our end as well the moment we update to the latest sdk.

There’s no a workaround about it

Then Oculus is to blame then. Usually companies just stop developing an API and leave it at that and then create an new API version that is a breaking change. With semantic versioning you can still use what’s available in old ones if you decide to support the older API version. Usually SDK:s can exist side by side. But if you say that isn’t the case then Oculus is the one doing things bad by essentially bricking older devices. Imagine if Google did the same with the API for Android OS.

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