Can't get ScriptPlayer to loop videos

Hi all,

I’m having trouble with getting videos in ScriptPlayer to loop.
It won’t even loop a playlist. Everytime I wanna loop a single file it just tells me that “No more events available” or “No script found” or “Matching media file already loaded”.

script player 1

I tried activating “Repeat” and “Repeat Single File”, but nothing worked.

I tried other alternatives, like syncydink, but I can’t get my Launch to connect there at all (the loops work there, though).

I’d like to script short loops, but I see no point in that when I can’t get a player to loop them accordingly.

Do you have any suggestion of what I can do? Either fixing the loops on ScriptPlayer or having an alternative would be fine.

Thanks for the help
random Crow

I have the same issue. There is probably a better way to do it but what I do is use Selection, Set A at the beginning, Set B at the end then click loop.


Maybe, the filename can not contain spaces [ ], maybe change them to [ _ ] ?

The looping not working might be some weird interaction between several options, as far as I can tell it’s most likely because the script doesn’t load.

As konglig mentioned, it might be because of the file names not matching up properly

Thanks for all the suggestions so far!

@BuckNekkid This works perfectly so far. I wish ScriptPlayer would work as intended though.

@konglig @Liquid I renamed both the video and the funscript to simply “test”, but I still ran into the same issue.

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I still can’t reproduce the “won’t even loop a playlist” part, but I think I managed to get the “Repeat Single File” option working for when you don’t use the playlist at all.
(Hopefully without messing up something else)

Latest beta:

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Yeah, whenever mine loops a video, it would never play the script over again for me… not really sure.

Nice workaround to use an A-B loop.

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yep i confirm always have trouble with “(” “)” in the name

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