Can't seem to find a rythm with OFS

This is an issue that’s sometimes an issue and sometimes not, and I haven’t quite pinned down why. I’m working on a JOI script where I logically know all the beats for a given section are spaced equally apart, but I haven’t been able to copy beats without needing adjustments every few seconds. Even if I try to include those deviations in the segment I copy, it still ends up misaligned.

Every now and then (I want to say every 3rd or 4th beat for this particular section), one of the beats in the waveform won’t sit cleanly on a frame. Like if I’m using the arrow keys to navigate, I can’t get the cursor right on top of it. Points like this are usually where problems start to arise. I tried tempo mode too, but even 64th measure only lines up with every other beat, sometimes not even that.

The cursor just skips right over it. Admittedly I’m zoomed pretty far in, but still.

Anyone know what might be causing this, and if there’s anything I can do about it?


Have you try to switch in tempo mode?

How often you can add a point depends on the frame rate of the video. You can try increasing the precision with FPS override feature, and hopefully you’ll be able to add a point precisely on the beat.

Tip: Equalize (hotkey E) is very handy for strokes with consistent interval. So long as the first and last action is in sync it will space out actions in between evenly.

So you just have to copy and paste to the end, make sure the last action is in sync with the beat, then select all points and equalize them.

I have not. This will certainly save me time down the line. I’ll have to set aside time later to install it.

This equalize function is already working miracles, thanks!

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