Can't use handy until Friday lol

My router died on me today. All I have is my firewall providing me internet. Without wireless, I’m without handy for a week till my new router gets here.

I know that feeling.

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That sucks. I set up my elderly neighbor’s wifi, so that is always my fallback in case mine starts acting up. I pay for it though, with all the trips I make there to change printer ink and clear paper jams alongside all other pro bono ‘tech’ stuff.


Does your cellphone have HotSpot functionality? If so, that would hold you over until your router came in

I did try that until I ran out of data. Then made my laptop a router and tried that.
I notice, the handy does not like being LAN only. Might be something I’ll dig into.
I could be just shitty wireless cards, but I does prompt me for investigation.