Celebrate the best year ever with the SLR team. 2022 is going to be amazing

Just wanted to cherish the best year we ever had with you guys. I’m super excited where things are going.

Not only you get the best of VR with a single click, but there are many great things coming:

  • we are greatly increasing the number of SLR Originals in 2022

  • bringing Harem series to the US

  • Party Hardcore will be coming in May

  • shooting the first SLR Originals JAV in February

  • greatly improved SLR app is coming bringing unbelievable visuals in the first week of January. Will start working on improved geometry after that removing all distortions

  • more interactive scripts are coming with our AI scripting tool

  • brand new VR webcams are coming that will help us to get many more performers online.

Make sure to suggest your favorite performers and ideas to our production team

Get you SLR Scripts Lifetime while on SALE VR Porn Movies for Oculus Quest 2, Valve Index, HP Reverb G2 | SexLikeReal :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:. It only gets better every single day as we keep adding new videos and many cool things all over the place.

Also much better headsets are coming to the market from Oculus and Apple :+1::+1::+1:

Join our team at career@sexlikereal.com as we are looking to connect with all the great people around who feel great about what we are doing.

Happy holidays!!! ‍:christmas_tree::santa::point_right::ok_hand:


What do you mean by to the US in " bringing Harem series to the US " not in EU ?

Can you elaborate? Is this being shot by a Japanese company in collaboration with SLR? English or Japanese language? Censored or uncensored? Etc.


Looking forward to SLR JAV (without pixels)!!!

thank u slr, u guys are awesome!

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There’s the best local production team to work for us. We plan to have our production team on the ground once travel restrictions are lifted.

Not an option to have uncensored. Not at all

All Japanese

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I expect both US and EU harems.

Curious how it performs as the cost is huge

well I subbed to SLR for the long haul partly based on this. So there…

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To be clear, you plan to start with US girls in the first harem shoots. Later you might do harems with EU girls too, but not to start with. Is that a correct interpretation?

Eu already produced. Scroll down the Harem series: Amateurs vs Pornstars - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos

Us is coming next

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Wait, wouldn’t it be better to fly the girls from Japan/etc. to you, and film WITHOUT THE PIXELS WE ALL HATE? Pixels kill Immersion, please find a way to remove it.

Not at option at all. Girls have it in the contract that everything has to be censored. If breached police will come after you

To mix it up in the future and please the anti pixel crowd, you could film with US or EU Asians in the JAV style.

Can you elaborate on what this is and what to expect? Thanks!