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CGI DeepFakes, (noticed the other topics were closed)

I was going to ask a question about deepfakes on the other threads but it looks like they’re all closed. I saw that Deepfakes are not allowed…but I have a question. What if it’s a CGI character? For example like a video game character. I understand the moral things behind using celebrities as lewd reasons, but if it’s a video game character do the same moral rules apply? There’s a lot of VRCosplayX video’s I’d like to deepfake, and a lot of people in this community have made scripts for these videos, so would it be okay if they were CGI deepfakes and not real people?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Just to reinterate, lets say there’s a Mercy, Overwatch cosplay and I deepfake the video game character’s face on the video as an example.

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I don’t see any problem with that, as the deepfaking of a non-real character doesn’t violate any consent rights.

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Kinda how I saw it as well. There’s a good amount of CGI content here but it’s all pretty short or looped. So to deepfake a full video would be welcomed I’m sure. VR as well.

Example: Rinoa Heartilly :slight_smile:

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I don’t see an issue with that, its just the topic of using non-fictional people. @Vurlix can’t wait to see the finished product

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Holy shit this is interesting. I wouldn’t mind seeing some hot CGI face models put on “butterfaced” pornstars, even without costumes.


Unreal caracter is not really my stuff but I’m really curiuse to see what the result could see. The pictures you post are not that strange

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You have my attention, not in to CGI content but this might change that. Consider this, CGI/animated characters are always given the porn treatment, its like a rule of the internet. Please carry on this interesting idea and please let others know how you did it so we may get bended content like this in the future. Also if videos are scripted then CGI deepfaked, 2 videos scripted for different audiences, original and CGI, wini and win

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Didn’t even consider this, wonder if there’s some way to deepfake an entire body to create basically mocapped cgi porn without the need for the equipment or anything. Imo that would be such a huge turning point for cgi porn.

It’s coming along well, perfect but one problem I’ve ran into. Rinoa always has that sideswept hair like it glued onto her face so its messing up the deep fake. Trying to work around it and I’ll update with a preview vid soon.

Any update on the Rinoa DF?

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