CGI Mashup Question

Greetings EroScripts. Just an open ended question that I wanted to get the community’s thoughts on.

Since Akali introduced me to Abzero epic 1 hour cockhero (listed below), I’ve really gotten into a lot of the CGI clips and even scripted several myself.

Once I was able to beat it, I decided to add many of my favorite CGI videos both cock hero style and others into a 1 hour 21 minute beast that has fairly good flow imo. None of the scripts I did, just a mashup of CGI that I liked.

This was just for personal use (which I’ve yet to beat), but I was curious what the etiquette is for sharing something like this with proper credit? Or is this something better left to my own library?

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I’d ask for permission from the people who created the script first

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