Changing the stroke length of a script for Handy

I have a script here that is pretty good except the strokes never go to maximum. I tried putting it through modifier but inputing maximum stroke to 100 is not changing the length of the stroke in the script.

Is there a way to modify the script so that it will make the strokes go up to the complete top?

If you are using the remapper in, try setting the min stroke length to a negative number. I think it’s meant to be used to limit stroke length so not super intuitive but could work.

Alternatively, if you have OpenFunScripter you can use the Range extender special function.

Yeah, as mentioned above, I’d use OpenFunScripter.

Alternatively you can import the script into ScriptPlayer, move the Range Extender slider in the panel on the right and then select Script > Save As and it’ll save the extended script. But this will extend all points, which is why I think it’s better to go in and select the sections you want to extend in OFS.

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